“If abortion is not safe, you are not safe” – New York Daily News

Wisconsin authorities are investigating “suspicious fires” in the offices of organizations working to reduce the right to abortion.

The incident happened at the end of Saturday or the beginning of Sunday. At that time, a destroyer fired at the headquarters of the Wisconsin Family Actions, a political action committee against abortion that lobbyed against same-sex marriage.

The spray painting on the building was the message, “If abortion is not safe, you are not safe either.”

A little less than a week ago, a draft US Supreme Court ruling was leaked. Overturn the Roe v. Wade caseWhich Enshrines women’s rights For a safe abortion 50 years ago. Since then, protests have raked up the country.

“This is a local manifestation of the lack of tolerance from abortionists to abortionists,” Group President Julaine Apring told The Associated Press, calling the act a “direct threat.” called. Against us. “

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She said at least one Molotov cocktail wreckage was found on the scene.

“Fire investigators believe the fire was intentionally set up and the incident is being investigated as arson,” said Madison Fire Department. statement.. “This study remains valid and there are no further details at this time.”

The accusations came from both sides of the political passage.

“I promise to protect women’s rights, but we must do it the right way,” said Democratic US Senator candidate Tom Nelson. “Violence and destruction are not the answer.”

Former vice-governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson, who are candidates for Republican governor, think they are left-wing, as “radicals trying to stop us” and “disgusting behavior,” respectively. I blamed this act.

Police also called on federal agents for the fire reported after 6 am on Sunday.

“The Madison Police Department understands that recent news about the US Supreme Court has deeply felt the members of our community,” said Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes. statement.. “Our department has helped people to speak freely and openly about their beliefs, but we do not serve any violence, including the destruction of property, for any reason. I feel. “

“If abortion is not safe, you are not safe” – New York Daily News

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