I worked for Trader Joe’s but I didn’t want rude customers to do this

Imagine this. It’s a busy afternoon at local Trader Joe’s and people are everywhere.Items are flying off the shelves and you requirement The can of beans is about to be quickly replenished by employees when the items around them disappear.

Reaching around and above your employees silently may seem like the best and most polite way to grab an item and keep it out of the way.

Don’t think about that either.

One ex-employee said it often gets in the way when customers do so.

Mackenzie Filson reveals the biggest pet pee Trader Joe’s employee, Tell eat well The well-meaning behavior of shoppers can be “quite rude” to the local grocery store clerk.

Filson started with grocery frustration with reusable bag etiquette. She praised her people for bringing her own bag, but she accused her of “poor etiquette of reusable bags.” She specifically described the bags “packed together like Russian nested dolls” as the worst criminals.

Former Trader Joe’s worker Mackenzie Filson shared the worst you can do as a customer.
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A list of things may surprise you-many people think they are helping.
A list of things may surprise you, as many customers find them helpful.
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“Consider bringing only the amount of bag you need and making it easily accessible under the cart (the easiest to grab is a thermal bag),” she advised. ..

Another emphasized annoyance was helping to give groceries to the person checking your item.

“One or two items make sense, but nothing more,” she said. “The next time I want to line up and help, I set the goods on the conveyor so that the cashier can scan as much as possible.”

she Also reminded the customer Don’t assume that a worker collecting scattered shopping carts can just take another. Instead, the customer should always return to the cart enclosure.

“TJ shopping carts are nearly impossible to turn on a dime, so expecting employees to pivot the cart can be a pretty rude question,” she said. Advised.

Another annoyance involves asking employees if they are actually working there. Workers are wearing uniforms. This is a clear indicator. Instead, the customer needs to be straightforward and understand the point and ask questions.

“Please feel free to say hello and then jump into the question,” Filson told Eating Well. “Most TJ employees like it much.”

Other complaints include acting like an expert, and Filson says he “trusts” that employees know what they are doing.

“I think you know the difference between one produce and another, such as the difference between nectarines and peaches,” she said. “That’s the product code we’re looking for.”

Trader Joe’s employees are generally very friendly and outbound to their clients, one employee hit TikTok to reveal “Secret” game They play, including hiding the stuffed animals in the store — when customers return them to workers, they receive that is customer service.

I worked for Trader Joe’s but I didn’t want rude customers to do this

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