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I spent £800,000 on plastic surgery to look like a Ken doll – people say I could die, but I like it enough to care

Though he’s spent £800,000 on plastic surgery, had 1,000 painful surgeries and practices a thorough beauty routine, Justin Jedlica doesn’t like being compared to a living Ken doll .

The 42-year-old first rose to fame after spending thousands of dollars to modify his face. body To look like a living doll.


Justin Jederica spent over £800,000 on face and body alterationsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The 42-year-old (right) is known as the human Ken doll


The 42-year-old (right) is known as the human Ken dollCredit: Instagram

But now he’s back in the limelight with plans to spend £55,000 on ‘wolf virilization’ surgery.

It’s a series of surgeries and implants to give her a wolf-like appearance, including cheek implants, a neck lift, and most shockingly, a ‘jaw-wrap implant’.

The surgery cost Justin, who was once married to a wealthy businessman, just over £55,000, taking the total cost of his body to £855,000.

“When it comes to men, I feel like a pioneer in plastic surgery,” he says. “I really enjoy watching people get snatched.

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“Body modification is my eternal passion.

“If I were to die, I would die doing what I love.”

After undergoing his first rhinoplasty at age 18, Justin new yorkThe United States has become obsessed with going under the knife.

His surgeries include leg, chest, biceps and triceps implants to enhance his physique, as well as brow bone shaving and an brow lift to reshape his face.

Justin designed all the implants himself six years ago, including a new one to create a “wing” in his back for his lat muscles.

To make sure the implant was perfect, we went through a lengthy design process, spending 5 sample implants and 2 different implant companies to finalize a suitable implant.

Justin also had five nose jobs and had countless fillers and botox injections in his face.

And while he’s known around the world as the human Ken doll, that’s not the likeness he aspires to

“I think it kind of belittling how much effort I put into learning about the human body and learning about plastic surgery,” he says. Really. “Honestly, I don’t like this title.

“But in a way it gave me a lot.

of tv personality He is constantly “rethinking and redefining what beauty means.”

Justin’s surgery list also includes butt implants, four shoulder surgeries, and various rounds of liposuction.

His fascination with going under the knife plastic surgery The wishlist continues to grow.

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Justin needs to finalize the design of a new implant with a trusted doctor near his home before undergoing “wolf masculinization surgery”. Californiawe.

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