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I showed my grandpa a bikini, but I didn’t expect her reaction when I exposed my ass

A woman revealed her granny’s hilarious reaction to having her bikini tugged on after exposing her tiny butt.

The newlywed recently moved from New York to Miami with her husband and dog.

To keep in touch with the older members of the family, she regularly sees her grandma.

Influencer Sarah Meyer Weiss (@sarameierr) regularly posts content featuring her 90-year-old grandmother on Instagram and TikTok.

The New Yorker shocked Sarah with her response to influencer concerns about her bikini.

with a caption to video On TikTok, Sarah said:

Sarah wore Lina Floral Bikini by Capittana It is a limited edition commemorating the 150th anniversary.

Bikinis sell for $190, and tops and bottoms are $95 each at Bloomingdale’s.

Showing off her grandmother, she paired a blue and cream bikini with black heels.

Sarah asked, “How are you feeling?” She rolls forward while turning sideways.

The bikini top has a large bow strap that was the first detail that caught my grandmother’s eye.

“I like it in knots. I don’t like that bow,” she said, and her granddaughter agreed.

Sarah then added, “It’s a little too cocky for me,” and turned back to show a lot of the bare skin on her back.

Bloomingdale’s describes this bikini as having a “saucy bottom that’s sure to turn heads.”

Her cheeky grandmother said: “You tell me it’s a bikini, it’s a bikini.

“I mean, what did you think you’d get?”

Sarah replied: “Well, more of a butt cover.”

Her grandma added, “Then it wouldn’t be a bikini!”

The pair continue to disagree when Sarah asks “What then?” Her grandmother said, “It’s just a swimsuit.

“I think it looks beautiful and I like it.”

The video has over 56,000 likes, and Sarah says, “I’m so grateful to be able to capture these memories.”

One viewer of her “Grandma Reacts” content asked, “How do I order from a supportive grandma like this?

I live in my parents' garden shed - I love my life and I don't pay rent

“Did you get her on Amazon?”

Sarah added that her grandma is “my biggest hype woman (when she likes the outfit).” I showed my grandpa a bikini, but I didn’t expect her reaction when I exposed my ass

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