I saw the plane used by Kim Jong Un leave Pyongyang

December 22 – Online aviation trackers report that Kim Jong Un’s previously used aircraft was seen moving from Pyongyang to the east coast of North Korea.

No callsignA South Korean-based tracker, tweeted Antonov An-148, a plane move on Tuesday.

The tracker publishes real-time images of aircraft movements. Air Koryo’s aircraft JS671 departed from the North Korean capital at 10:05 am and flew to an unidentified location on the east coast of North Korea, according to South Korean news service News 1 and The Hankyoreh on Tuesday.

Kim previously used An-148 with a maximum range of 1,300 to 2,700 miles during his field guidance visit. In June, the same plane was found flying in the direction of Hamhung on the east coast.

No data was available on the location of planes in eastern North Korea. According to News 1, the plane may have been flying towards Wonsan-Karma Airfield, which is adjacent to a major resort town under construction.

North Korean plane and train movements reserved solely for Kim’s use have previously sparked speculation about the health of the leader and whether Kim was isolated during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kim’s 20-day absence in April caused health rumors in the South, following unconfirmed reports that he was in crisis after Kim underwent heart surgery.

There is no evidence that Kim was at Antonov An-148 on Monday prior to the 8th Party Convention in Pyongyang in January. According to News 1, Kim’s family, including First Lady Ri Sol-ju, may have been on a plane with or without her husband.

Prior to its January meeting, North Korea is conducting an 80-day productivity campaign to reach its national goals in all sectors. Kim promised to develop the North Korean economy, but refused to support South Korea.

I saw the plane used by Kim Jong Un leave Pyongyang

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