I have Covid’s “Nesting Fever”.But I hate repairing rental apartments

At first, I felt inspired by the wave of amateur interior designers taking over Instagram feeds. I saw them paint kitchen cabinets, reinstall lighting fixtures, and add a new dimension to suspiciously bright apartments.

But when this “nested fever” took off among the masses beyond these influences, I was sometimes one of the few who didn’t pursue the dream of improving her home, so as not to flock. Feel to go to Home Depot and Wayfair. With pandemics, many Americans continue to use their living spaces as home offices, restaurants, gyms, and art studios, and more and more people are interested in upgrading their newly discovered multipurpose spaces.

“We tend to spend more time, so for those who are experiencing or feeling isolated in the cabin fever, there is no doubt that they will spend money to redesign and refurbish as a coping mechanism. That’s right, “says Dak Kopec, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

But personally, I found it difficult to balance the pandemic budget with the potential for home upgrades. I sum the potential prices of all these dream home projects, copy them and paste them into google docs and immediately close the horror tab.

That’s because I’m renting an apartment. We recognize that we are the greatest when it comes to interior design, but during 2020 I haven’t updated the decoration of one house yet. I’m wondering about the idea of ​​spending money on what many think they need, such as desks, computer stands, comfortable work chairs, and other workspace materials that fit into today’s apartments. Since moving to work from home in March, I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table, straining my shoulders, and wasting my time waiting for Gossain to return to my Manhattan office.

I have Covid’s “Nesting Fever”.But I hate repairing rental apartments

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