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I grew up in a city house with no carpet – my company made £2.3m last year…that’s how I do it

The man who grew up in a carpetless town hall is now a millionaire and his company made a whopping £2.3m profit last year.

Robin Skidmore’s family found itself in a difficult situation after his father lost his life. work And I was forced to do menial labor to pay my salary. invoice.


When Robin Skidmore sold the ten-year-old digital marketing agency he co-founded for £18m in 2014, the world was his favourite.Credit: Further Journey
Robin is now based in New York and is spearheading a new venture.


Robin is now based in New York and is spearheading a new venture.Credit: Getty

Despite a difficult upbringing, Robin was raised by her sisters. north london – Done Leeds I studied business at university.

As a student, Robin maxed out three credit cards to help pay for his trip north.

he got his first job nut westBut I had to cram it in after failing a series of professional exams.

After that, I started my career in sales at a start-up web development company called Chapter Eight.

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Robin, now 43, was immediately fascinated by search engine optimization (SEO), which allows websites to rank higher in search results.

In 2005, he and colleague Shane Quigley decided to go independent at SEO specialist firm Epiphany.

Friends had £10,000 with a small office in Leeds, where the company is headquartered.

The SEO specialist firm quickly took off, and the startup started hiring starving young graduates.

The friends then sold the business to marketing agency Jay Wing for £18m.

Robin and Shane remained employees after the deal was finalized, though they later went on to separate jobs.

Robin has now launched a second startup called Journey Future.

The company, which has offices in New York and is focused on the US market, made a whopping £2.3 million in profit last year alone.

Robin speaks Timeshe said a tough childhood helped instill the “drive and determination” that underpinned his entrepreneurial success.

he said: “For two years we had no carpet in our house. We couldn’t afford to buy anything.

“My father never had a job with the same pay, so he was working multiple jobs, which meant he wasn’t home much.

“So I was… raised by my older sisters from a really young age, and I was self-sufficient.

“I don’t think I would have had the drive and determination to do business without it.”

After selling his first business, Robin was able to take his family on a trip around the world.

he recently moved here new york Together with Laura and her two children, she spearheaded the company’s US expansion.

He now hopes Journey Future can replicate the success of the first startup many years ago.

Last year Journey Father made a pre-tax profit of £2.3m on sales of £13.3m. “I set a goal that he would achieve the same profit in 5 years as he did in 10. [at Epiphany].

“We achieved it on our 5th anniversary”

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He employs 10 people in the US and is about to sign an office lease in New York.

“We want to emulate Britain’s success, but a big part of that is people and culture, and we believe that culture is better nurtured when people come together,” he said. rice field. I grew up in a city house with no carpet – my company made £2.3m last year…that’s how I do it

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