I am a wealthy stay-at-home mom with a private jet. My life is wonderful, but it also has an ugly side.

A wealthy housewife with a private jet warned other women that it might not suit their lifestyle.

Izzy Anaya warns that ‘everything comes with a price’, women who want to be rich housewife You should ask what they are willing to give up for it.


Izzy Anaya warns want-to-be rich housewives that ‘everything comes at a price’Credit: TikTok/@averagerichhousewife


The 43-year-old has two children and she attends private school.Credit: TikTok/@averagerichhousewife

mother of two private jetmultiple homes, and countless designer bags are all funded by her businessman husband.

But she warned that a glamorous lifestyle can get lonely if you’re not up for it.

take me to tick tockThe 43-year-old explained:

“But I don’t think you fully understand what it means to be married to a career-oriented person.

“I’m not going to lie. I have no budget and I’m running around. lululemon And enjoy lunch.

“But my husband won’t be home at 5:00, so be prepared to raise the kids yourself.”

Izzy added that she loves staying in her country house, but she has to do it without him because he works.

The family’s primary home is based on new york, usa They send their children to private schools.

she guidance It was that only “very capable women” could become wealthy housewives, and that they had to be prepared to do so with “zero help”.

she said:

“You’ll be unhappy, you’ll get divorced, you’ll complain that he’s never by your side.

“Success in this lifestyle requires a high degree of independence and a high degree of competence.”

Plus, Izzie said there are weeks when she doesn’t see her husband I only communicate with him by email.

This is because neither “have time to take another call” while he is working and she is managing multiple households.

Shooting down the suspect, she continued:

“It may not be at the salary level, but without me, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

“I know you guys want a lifestyle, but are you ready for what it entails?”

Mother has built a loyal following Social media We offer an insight into her extravagant life and constant vacations.

But she also offers “honest, not mean” guidance for those who aspire to be like her.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/21683575/rich-housewife-private-jet-warning-hard-lifestyle/ I am a wealthy stay-at-home mom with a private jet. My life is wonderful, but it also has an ugly side.

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