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“Hurry” Trump Golf Course Inheritance Disputes Passing City Board

On Wednesday, a city committee approved a new operator to take over the Bronx public golf course run by former President Donald Trump’s company.

Opposite: Jack Nicklaus, the golf legend who designed the course, told the board that he would eventually decide which company would meet his rigorous standards, Trump’s lawyer.

City Broke the news Last month’s new bid-free deal and a rare selection of park bureau concessionaires scratch record.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered Trump’s concession to run the ferry point park golf course to be canceled as a result of Trump’s role in inciting the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

The Atlanta company Bobby Jones Links is entitled to take over from November 15th after the shelter operator CORE Services Group. Pulled out Of their partnership under scrutiny. Members of the city’s franchise and concession review committee voted 4-2 to give Affiniti Ferry Point LLC a 13-year contract to run an 18-hole golf course.

Former president Told Daily News This week, the mayor sent an email saying, “I want to confiscate the project from me for no reason and end the long-term deal with the city.” De Blasio wants to get rid of it after all the work has been done successfully and a lot of money has been spent. “

in the meantime Battle in court To prevent the Park Authority from terminating his 20-year contract, Trump’s lawyers have their clients $ 30 million rights As a cancellation fee.

“There are many concerns”

President Ruben Diaz Jr. of the Bronx Autonomous Region and a representative of the city’s accounting auditor Scott Stringer’s franchise committee demanded a postponement of the vote, but both voted against it after a failure.

Diaz’s representative, Mirsa Camille Savio, said there were “a lot of concerns” and that the mayor could not vote for the concession “conscientiously.”

Diaz’s office expressed concern about the Parks Department’s first choice of the CORE Services Group and the fate of its current staff. Many of our current staff live in Bronx.Savio We also encouraged Bobby Jones Links to interact more with the elected officials.

President Ruben Diaz, Jr. of the Bronx Autonomous Region, to the right of the podium, announced at a 2013 event that Trump Golf Links has opened at Ferry Point Park. Mayor Mike Bloomberg (center), Donald Trump and others participated.
Spencer T Tucker / Mayor Photo Office

Meanwhile, the Comptroller’s office said that if the process was too fast, there would be few opportunities for scrutiny.

“Today, I noticed that this committee is considering another urgent award for a concession contract from the Park Recreation Department. How the agency makes the decision to select the proposed concession. There is no complete transparency about what it is, “says John Casolis, the representative of the stringers. Said at a hearing on Tuesday’s vote.

“This shortened time frame is a situation created by the city when the previous agreement was terminated without proper planning for the continued operation of the concession.”

he The Parks Department said it did not provide all the necessary documentation for future concessions until Tuesday morning, so there was not enough time for the review.

A representative of the Park Recreation Department said at a meeting that the new operator would retain most, if not all, of the current staff. And they said the proceedings filed in June by Trump’s team trying to thwart the new concessionaire should not affect anyone’s vote.

“The fact that this issue is in proceedings should not affect our process of moving forward,” said the representative.

“Lame duck” decision

At a pre-voting hearing on Tuesday, a Trump Organization lawyer said the January 6 riots did not adversely affect business on the golf course. In court..

“Every year, major golf industry publications praised Ferry Point’s Trump Golf Links and ranked it as one of the country’s leading public courses,” lawyer Kenneth Caruso said in a prepared statement. rice field.

Kenneth Caruso, a Trump Organization lawyer, spoke at a hearing on October 13, 2021 against the city, which drives families out of managing Ferry Point on the Bronx Golf Course.

Trump organization lawyer Kenneth Caruso spoke at a hearing against driving Donald Trump’s family out of control of the ferry point golf course.
Ben Fractenberg / THE CITY

Calling De Blasio a “lame duck,” he asked the Commission to consider the long-term implications and costs of switching golf course operators.

“We shouldn’t have taxpayers in this city pay $ 30 million, or close to $ 30 million (according to city calculations), just to get rid of the name” Trump “on a golf course. “He said. ..

He claimed that Nicklaus had a veto over who operated his ferry point link. “We only approve professionals who run the course at the quality level of Jack Nicklaus. We will not damage or dilute Jack Nicklaus’ name and brand,” Caruso said.

Nicklaus couldn’t get any comments right away.

“There is no legal benefit to the city’s position, and we will continue to actively defend our right to own and manage our assets for the rest of the 20-year period,” Caruso said in a statement Wednesday.

He shared the feelings of the Comptroller with the Trump organization and was deeply involved in “this process, the future of Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, and the length the mayor goes to retaliate against Trump’s name. Write a $ 30 million check from the taxpayer’s pocket. “

“Hurry” Trump Golf Course Inheritance Disputes Passing City Board

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