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Hunts Point Produce Market Host Food Distribution

On a chilly day in the Bronx’s Melrose section, blocks lined up as neighbors waited for a holiday table and subsequent food.

What you need to know

  • Hunts Point’s agricultural market is the largest wholesale agricultural market in the world.
  • The market has expanded its annual Hunts Point giveback event from the 1st in the Bronx to the 9th throughout the city.
  • Over 3,000 bags containing £ 25,000 of food will be assembled and distributed
  • 2 million New Yorkers suffer from food insecurity

The first to come online at the Bronx Works Classic Community Center was Julio Ortiz, a Barclays Center maintenance worker who wasn’t paying during the pandemic. He arrived at the center of East 156th Street at 5am.

“I’m in a hurry to get more food and help others,” often goes to various pantry to get food for families and neighbors who can’t leave the house. Ortiz going, said.

Ortiz is one of the companies that benefits from the distribution of this holiday food by the world’s largest Hunts Point Produce Market, which consists of more than 30 family-owned companies. They usually hold a one-day event each year in South Bronx before Thanksgiving, but this year it has expanded to all five wards due to the extreme needs brought about by COVID-19.

“We can do to reduce and lift people’s minds, get healthy things to lift the immune system, and see what we can do to help at least for the rest of the year. I’m doing my best, “said Gabriella D. ‘Arrigo, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for D’Arrigo New York, a longtime merchant in the market.

The market will work with local elected officials such as City Councilor Rafael Salamanca Jr. for these distributions. Salamanca’s father worked in the market for many years, so he established a relationship with them.

His office distributes food twice a week throughout the pandemic, supplying food to nearly 30,000 neighbors. He was able to secure a turkey donated for this event.

“Eating a healthier diet is more expensive, so residents have more budget to get public support and have to increase the money they earn to support the whole family. No, “said Salamanca Jr. Giving your neighbors fresh ingredients to help them eat healthier is a great help.

So they waited in line for hours with bags of fresh fruits and vegetables and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

“People need help, and this is a good thing they are doing,” said Bronx resident and veteran Eddie Corbett.

The Hunts Point produce market says it wants to create this new look of food rations for several days in the city each year, as the need is unlikely to disappear soon.

Hunts Point Produce Market Host Food Distribution

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