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Hudson Yards Developer Jeff Blau Reveals Fixes to $10 Billion Casino Bid

Just Wynn, baby!

An affiliated company has exclusively revealed to the Post its plans to revise the proposed Hudson Yards Casino megacomplex by rolling dice on two gleaming skyscrapers as two frontrunners appear to have been eliminated.

Associated CEO Jeff Brau said the proposed $10 billion development across the western half of the yard would be kicked off by a 3 million square foot Winbrand “resort” tower. said. The tower will also house a 1,700-room hotel. Developers are trying to get their hands on valuable game licenses and need to service the beleaguered Javits Center.

“It’s going to be one of the most amazing skyscrapers in New York City,” Blau enthused Friday.

Table games like blackjack, craps, poker and roulette will occupy 250,000 square feet of the new skyscraper, but Blau is a whale trying his luck at the far west, along with upscale restaurants and shops. and guppies. .

A related plan is to keep the previously announced 5.5-acre public green park connected to the Highline.
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Affiliated CEO Jeff Brau said the casino will be the centerpiece of the 3 million square foot Winbrand casino. "Resort" tower.
Affiliated CEO Jeff Brau said the casino would be the centerpiece of the 3 million-square-foot Winbrand “resort” tower.
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The executive also announced the surprise addition of an undeveloped 6.5-acre portion of Hudson Yards between 11th and 12th Avenues. – 2 million square feet office tower.

The affiliate, led by founder Stephen M. Ross, will build a 5.5-acre public parkland leading to the previously announced High Line, a coveted community school, and a million-square-foot rental apartment tower. We plan to keep it. Includes 329 “affordable” units.

“For these reasons, we feel we are well-positioned to get the best offer,” Blau said. “We aim to win.”

Blau’s chances of winning increased in casino sweepstakes because Predicted frontrunner Steve Cohen’s gambling and entertainment complex proposal Last week, he was shot by a Queens politician on state property near Citi Field.

Casino operator Bally’s Bid to install gambling parlor on Donald Trump’s golf course Located in the Bronx due to a conflict with the city over land rental issues.

Bally’s proposes to private property in Willets Point and may make one last attempt to build a casino in Mr. Cohen’s backyard.

Other major applicants who want to set up casinos on Coney Island, Times Square, above Saks Fifth Avenue and near the United Nations are also facing stiff resistance from local authorities.

Affiliated companies could benefit from having founder Stephen M. Roth as one of Gochul's largest donors.
Affiliated companies could benefit from having founder Stephen M. Roth as one of Gochul’s largest donors.
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Blau’s main competitor now appears to be from Long Island, where Sands’ proposal to build a casino on the grounds of the Nassau Coliseum received local approval last week.

But its proximity to the skeptical Hofstra University could thwart that plan.

“While hurdles remain to be overcome, overwhelming bipartisan approval of the lease transfer to Sands brings Nassau County one step closer to opening what will become one of the world’s finest resorts, entertainment centers and casinos. said a Nassau County official. Bruce Blakeman told the Post on Sunday.

Affiliate and partner Oxford Properties faces a political hurdle from State Senator Brad Hoylman, whose constituency is Hudson Yards. Hoylman is part of a six-member site review committee that will vote on whether Relate’s proposal will go forward for one of Down’s three casino licenses. . (They plan to go to Suidobashi and Yonkers’ “Racino.”)

Other members of the Board are Governor Kathy Hochul, Mayor Eric Adams, City Councilman Eric Botcher, Rep. Tony Simone, and Manhattan Borough Chairman Mark Levin.

Mr. Hoylmann seemed unperturbed by Mr. Blau’s vision when he heard about the revision.

The Winbrand tower was to house a 1,700-room hotel to serve the struggling Javits Center.
The Winbrand tower was to house a 1,700-room hotel to serve the struggling Javits Center.
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“It’s a steep climb given the promise of affordable housing with open spaces, public schools and casinos proposed for the community,” Hoylman told the Post on Friday. , the previously promised comfort seems to have been ignored.

Blau hopes the beleaguered ace to provide Javits with the coveted hotel room will defeat Hoylman’s objection and possibly the “No” vote.

Associated companies may also benefit, as Ross is one of the largest donors to Hochul.

“The Javits Center has just expanded, but it continues to lose business to other cities because it doesn’t have a hotel,” Blau said, adding that Wynn has experience booking conventions and is keen to attract events from other cities. added that it could be of great help in

A source close to the project said, “At some point we’re going to need a convention hotel near Javits, and that’s what it will be.”

Blau also said the new office tower will overcome the current difficulties facing the city’s commercial real estate market.

Four related offices The high-rise buildings in the eastern half of the site are almost fullsaid Blau.

Hudson Yards 30 Yards has been fully sold to companies such as KKR, but Hudson Yards 10 Yards and 55 Yards are 100% leased, and Hudson Yards 50 Yards has already sold more than 90% before completion. pointed out that

The relay's 55 Hudson Yards are 100% leased.
The relay’s 55 Hudson Yards are 100% leased.
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“We could start building another office tower right now,” Blau said. “No more room” for tenants willing to pay $200 per square foot for space.

Blau said other factors that make the relationship a favorite include access to the expanded subway line 7 and other public transportation, and the fact that the western yard is vacant so there is no disruption to buildings or people. mentioned.

The next casino selection process will likely take place in July, when applicants will meet with states before making final proposals in the fall. Ho-chul’s state gambling commission will announce the winner by the end of the year.

The three licenses will add $1.5 billion to the cash-strapped state budget. Hudson Yards Developer Jeff Blau Reveals Fixes to $10 Billion Casino Bid

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