Huawei hires Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta

Huawei Technologies Co. has hired veteran Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta. His company collapsed in 2017 due to financial and legal issues. As part of the expanding US influence operation of Chinese companies, according to those familiar with the matter.

Podesta’s re-emergence in the world of lobbying occurs when the Democratic Party again controls both Congress and the White House.He has Long relationship With President Biden and top White House aides, including senior counselor Steve Ricchetti. His brother, John Podesta, is the chairman of the Liberal Center for American Progress and has close ties to the administration.

Podesta declined to comment. A Huawei spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Politico has previously reported hiring.

Podesta is the latest in a series of recently hired Washington advisors to Huawei.

A company based in Shenzhen, China, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, faced a relentless attack by the Trump administration. The Trump administration has sought to prevent the company from entering the United States and around the world because its equipment could pose a threat to espionage.

Huawei hires Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta

Source link Huawei hires Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta

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