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How Trump’s indictment will play out in court

NEW YORK, March 31 (VOICE) Millions of Americans who either support or hate former President Donald Trump are facing his ‘tax evasion’ and ‘hush money’ trial by a New York grand jury in a lower Manhattan court. I’m wondering how the indictment will affect adult stars. Play in court — look like the other defendants or look very different.

Most Republicans in the Republican Party, from former Vice President Mike Pence to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to former U.N. Trump’s sealed indictment has been condemned by a jury that ‘political persecution: Trump and his son, Eric, vice president of Trump Business, called the indictment a political witch hunt’. According to media reports And most Republicans feel the indictment has made Trump’s chances of running in the 2024 presidential primary less likely.

According to CNN’s report, Trump’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury would begin a criminal proceeding that works in some ways the same way it does with other defendants, and looks very different in others.

In the United States, when a person is indicted, the charges may be sealed until the defendant first appears in court. Now, the charges against the former president, who was voted for indictment and trial by a New York grand jury, are under a sealed envelope and are kept secret, but 30 minutes of testimony has been leaked.

A spokesperson for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement that Trump’s attorneys have been contacted to coordinate his surrender in court.

“Trump’s attorneys have been informed that the District Attorney’s Office notice of arraignment on the Supreme Court indictment remains sealed. Guidance will be provided once an arraignment date is selected,” Bragg said. added in a statement.

A first appearance in a U.S. court is usually a public proceeding, and in some cases the defendant’s waiver facility is made with his attorney. It is voluntarily transforming itself into a law enforcement agency.

Meanwhile, the New York Police Department has been issued an internal memo saying it is ready to put on uniforms so it can be on duty when the possibility of surrender arises, media reports said.

The country is in crisis and is said to be in a frenzy with supporters after Trump appeared in court on January 6 in actions similar to those he did.

Trump’s attorneys were informed of the grand jury vote shortly after the indictment was publicly reported. According to multiple sources cited by CNN, Trump will likely be given permission to appear voluntarily.

If the defendant were to appear in court for the first time, as in Trump’s case, the procedure could be quite different.

A first court appearance is also considered an arraignment if a petition is expected to be filed. Conditions of release, such as travel restrictions and house arrest, are discussed at the first court appearance, and defendants are informed of their rights. According to media reports, the government and defendant’s attorneys also often appear at this stage of the court proceedings.

As a former president, Trump is unlikely to receive special treatment or special privileges, but he would have to go through the same process a defendant must go through when indicted. not.

But Trump’s status as a candidate and former president in the 2024 presidential election invites additional security. Whatever journey Trump has to take for arraignment, the report says he will need to coordinate with the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies.

Conversations between the Secret Service, the U.S. Marshals and the New York Police Department have already begun, a senior NYPD source told CNN.

Trump, meanwhile, wants to turn his arrest or surrender into a public event in order to garner the sympathy of his supporters and potential voters, and has told his advisers when he appears in court if charges continue. The hush money case involving adult star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 pre-vote campaign.

Trump believes that if he has to go to court to surrender, he will be fingerprinted and photographed for police records, sources close to him say. Said.

Trump’s allegations of being handcuffed for manslaughter stem from a desire to show strong resistance to unfair prosecutions in hopes of revitalizing his base in the 2024 presidential election. is occurring.

People close to Trump said at the same time that Trump was very concerned about the special arrangement (his first court appearance) via video link.

Trump’s legal team hesitated to meet Trump in person, asking to be cleared to appear quietly next week at a scheduled remote meeting. I’ve quoted guidance from Secret Service details on the concerns above.

Media reports said Trump told various allies over the weekend that he wouldn’t care if someone shot him and that he would be a “martyr.”

Trump added that if he was shot, he would likely be elected president in 2024. How Trump’s indictment will play out in court

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