How to update Apple device to fix security flaws

Apple has released an important software patch to fix a security vulnerability. According to researchers, hackers can directly infect iPhones and other Apple devices without the involvement of the owner.

Here’s how to update your Apple device:

iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

-Connect your device and make sure you are connected to the internet.

—[設定][一般]Go to[ソフトウェアアップデート]Tap.

[今すぐインストール]Tap. If you see Download and Install instead, tap it to download the update, enter your passcode, and then tap Install Now.

Apple watch

First, make sure your Apple Watch is compatible with the latest software. watchOS 7 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and later and Apple Watch SE. To upgrade to watchOS 7, you need an iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14 or later.

Next step:

-Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

-Make sure your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged.

-Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.

-Place your iPhone next to your Apple Watch so it fits within range.

It may take a few minutes to an hour for the update to complete. We recommend updating overnight or waiting until you have time.

How to update your Apple Watch using your iPhone

Your Apple Watch will notify you when new updates are available.With notification[今夜更新]Tap, then go to your iPhone and make sure you update overnight. At the end of the day, leave your Apple Watch and iPhone charged overnight so you can complete the update.

To update directly on your Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch has watchOS 6 or later, you can install subsequent updates without an iPhone.

-Make sure your watch is connected to Wi-Fi.

-Open the Settings app on your clock.


-If software updates are available[インストール]Tap and follow the onscreen instructions.

Apple TV

To update Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

—[設定][システムソフトウェアの更新]Go to[ソフトウェアの更新


-Wait for Apple TV to download updates. Do not disconnect or disconnect your Apple TV until the update is complete.

After downloading the update, Apple TV will restart to prepare the update before installing it. Apple TV will restart automatically when the update is complete.

To update Apple TV (3rd generation)

—[設定][一般的なソフトウェアアップデート]Go to[ソフトウェアの更新


-AppleTVがアップデートをダウンロードするのを待ちます。 アップデートが完了するまで、AppleTVの接続を外したり抜いたりしないでください。




– click “update “Now” or “Upgrade Now:”

-“update Now “installs the latest updates for the currently installed version. For example, learn about updating macOS Big Sur.

-“Upgrade Now” installs a major new version with a new name, such as macOS Big Sur.

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How to update Apple device to fix security flaws

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