How to create a SQL database in Microsoft Azure

Learn how to use the Azure portal to create a cloud-based SQL database with just a few mouse clicks.

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The adoption of big data, machine learning, and IoT by companies everywhere may seem like a recent development, but some of the best tools for processing all the data created by these technologies. Is more than 40 years old. For example, one of the proven database structures, the relational database management system (RDBMS), was first developed in the 1960s and is still in widespread use today.

In general, depending on the database in question, you may need to use a structured query language (SQL) to extract useful information from the RDBMS. SQL databases have become a standard element in the collection and processing of enterprise data and have been tested and reliable in many situations. However, creating a SQL database requires a dedicated server that acts as a host, which can be expensive to maintain for many small businesses.

Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure can provide servers and the required database infrastructure without providing, maintaining, or protecting physical hardware. Small businesses can create and access their SQL databases for just $ 4.99 per month.

This tutorial shows you how to use the Azure portal to create a cloud-based SQL database with just a few mouse clicks.

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Azure SQL database

To get started, log in to Microsoft Azure with your administrator credentials.[ホーム]Or[ダッシュボード]On the screen[リソースを作成する (+)リンク。 結果のリソースのリストから、[データベース],[SQLデータベース。次のような画面が表示されます。図A



次に、フォームへの入力を開始します。 データベースに名前を付け(mySampleDatabase)、サブスクリプションプランを選択し、新しいリソースグループ(myResourceGroup)を作成するか、既存のリソースグループを選択してから、ソースを選択します。 この例では、ソースとしてAdventureWorksLTサンプルデータベースを選択しています(図B)。



次のステップは、SQLデータベースをホストするサーバーを作成することです。[サーバー]In the section, click the button to create a new server. Creation screen (Figure C), Name the server, select a username and password, then select a region. When you’re done[選択]Click the button.


Figure C

Azure defaults to the standard pricing tier, but if you’re considering adding a high-performance server to your SQL database, click the arrow to see it. Figure D.. The basic price range starts at $ 4.99 per month with up to 2GB of storage. The Standard Tier starts at $ 15 / month for 250GB and the Premium Tier starts at $ 465 / month for 500GB. Once decided,[適用]Choose.


Figure D

Once you have made all your choices and are happy with your SQL database configuration,[作成]Click the button and wait for the resources and servers to be deployed.

Once the deployment is complete, on the Azure portal dashboard[SQLデータベース]You can access the new SQL database by going to the section and clicking on the appropriate database from the list. As shown below[クエリエディタ]Click the link to log in and start creating your query. Figure E..


Figure E

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How to create a SQL database in Microsoft Azure

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