How to Buy a Castle for $ 60 — Comes with Some Strings

Fortress With a mysterious history and wonderful land, far from the pain of your fragmentation, it may look like it’s just for summer vacation. Of course, ancient castles cost the king’s ransom to buy and even more to maintain. But now, those who don’t have a huge bag of cash hidden can step into a heavy, five-inch-thick oak door by buying a small piece of fantasy. By selling stocks, decorative titles, or annual members, historic conservation groups from France to Scotland to New Hampshire will also be able to invest in the restoration of old mountains and contemplations they stopped by. Here are some court possibilities:

Save the French castle

Founded in 2014 by two French friends who met at a business school, Dartagnans makes it possible to buy stock in a French castle. The crowdfunding platform has attracted 150,000 investors in 157 countries, gained 20,000 Instagram followers, saved overgrown mountains throughout the republic, and was heavily committed to “supporting local heritage.” Contributed. See the Château de la Moss Chandenier, a 13th-century giant in the Loire Valley. In two months, Dartagnans raised about $ 1.8 million, removed it from the brink, exposed some of it, and embarked on an ambitious restoration. Current projects include Château de Viblack, the ruins of cognac’s crumbling stones, and Château Jumiac, a compound with a Dordogne turret.

cost: From about $ 60 per share.

Benefits: Depending on the project, you will have free lifetime admission, your name engraved on the frescoes co-chalette or co-lord, garden parcels, voting rights at the annual meeting, and opportunities to support on-site restoration projects. ..

Medieval touch

Landmark Trust is a non-profit conservation organization that operates a network of several rare mansions, mansions, forts and cottages in Scotland, Wales and Italy. Most are available at the property. The proceeds will be used to rehabilitate historic buildings such as the four-story 1830 Tower in southwest England (Dorset’s Clavelle Tower) and Elizabeth and Robert Browning’s parents’ home (Kasagidi) on a small street in Florence. Trust also offers two levels of membership. Membership fees are paid to current projects, such as the preservation of the medieval manor house in Yorkshire, as well as a common pot that supports the refurbishment and management of many of its properties.

How to Buy a Castle for $ 60 — Comes with Some Strings

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