How Murdoch Manipulates Australia’s Political Climate

The sudden push by News Corporation to combat climate change is another example of how the coalition government and founding media work together to create and manage political stories.

Many people are watching this unexpected Murdoch media About face An optimistic and reassuring theme of climate change.

But for those of us who are watching closely, News Corporation’s perception of this sudden climate change may suggest a new and more sophisticated greenwashing of political discourse.

Editors and producers of Australia’s most enthusiastic climate change denials awaken to a collective inspiration, thinking, “The sun looks hotter today. We need to report on the science of climate change.” It’s unlikely.

So what’s behind this momentary and coordinated editing campaign shift?

PR disaster above

After the most spectacular Implosion The resignations of the New South Wales government’s prime minister and deputy prime minister have almost disappeared. It seems that it’s not important to have been involved in a six-year corruption investigation and chose to abandon the state’s best public office role rather than face-to-face with music and reveal its name.

Friendly jordies and the end of the NSW state government

The resignations of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of New South Wales mark the worst time to blame IACC and Friendlyjordies, respectively, and mourn the founding media.

After a week of unpleasant hallucinatory farewell to Gladys Berejikrian, she resigned due to the onset of tragic terminal illness, rather than the reality that her own unscrupulous behavior caught up with her. I uttered in every corner of the media. The subject seems to be closed.

John Barillaro himself is not a stranger of alleged corruption, but he disappeared from the media world as well, despite his unexplained exit two days after Beregikrian.

Also, a series of corrupt and suspicious acts of federal parliamentarians such as Christian Porter, Angus Taylor, Bridget Mackenzie, and Susan Lay have magically evaporated from screens and news feeds.

Invent a new conversation

Barnaby Joyce was safely detained as Deputy Prime Minister (again) as if nothing had happened. interview About ABC on the People’s “Climate Policy”-Certainly, a futile quest for the Holy Grail in the party of mind where the interests of the mining industry and most of its current leaders are vacant.

In a non-Murdock program that looks a bit progressive, it’s like Waleed Ali in a project I participated Following Gladys’ escape, a ridiculous fanfare with unexplained courage.

And Steve Price, who was a poster boy who denied climate change, Tell us To his fellow Andrew Bolt-he continues Abuse About the “lie” of climate change-and to correct our false assumptions about News Corporation:

Apparently this wasn’t a satire. But it served a dual purpose. First, Price’s claim, of course, somehow concerns “balance” in an attempt to justify the stinking anti-climate change impetus that has been exhaled by his employer over the years. bottom. But it was also reminiscent of the existence of so-called “double-sided debate”- Scientific consensus About the fact of global warming since the 1980s.

Invent distractions … or some

Meanwhile, the constant targets of Daniel Andrews, Anastasia Parasek, and other Labor leaders continue to gain momentum in all News Corporation’s Gutter Rag, Sky News’reports, and related founding media. There is. The regurgitation story of the past ALPMP, union members, or someone else involved in labor being found to have done something wrong was also magically recreated with unpleasant regularity.

Similarly Ridiculous rambling Smith against Tim “I don’t know” Smith, the Attorney General of the Shadows of Victoria, Freely accepted To “don’t know” if his accusation is substantive.

Then there’s the ongoing criticism of progressive non-parliamentarians who dare to speak to the government and the media, such as the Australian of the Year’s Grace Tame.Tamed Accused According to non-partisan publications (Ehem!), Australians are probably the most divided among politicians, perhaps by “politicizing her position,” “dividing,” and “demonstrating dirty partisan politics.” I called on Pauline Hanson to do it.

First, what’s the point of holding the Australian of the Year title if you don’t politicize the issue you’re advocating? And second, Pauline Hanson!

A brief history of federation fake social media accounts

If Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to eliminate anonymous vandalism on social media, he may want to start with his own government.

And here’s Morrison’s latest ploy to social media. That’s what he resents on average and anonymous social media accounts, Anonymous and average social media behavior It comes from his own MP.

Distraction tactics, everything.

More ironically among us, we know that nothing is as simple as you can see at News Corporation. This latest so-called “shift” is another News Corporation public relations campaign designed to allow him to nod from marketing to Scotty and hold his head. Pseudo-climate action policy Go up to the world stage under “change”.

We also need to consider what happened in the last envisioned “climate election.” It gives us evidence of the electoral importance of climate change with Newspole statistics, and many believe that the Morrison government, which denies climate, cannot be returned. I did. But I’m here.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Tweet, This is how Murdoch can do:

It’s all just part of the old “change tactics to create a new, more convenient political story” trick from our most insidious climate change denials.

What’s really bad about our media: Eden Monaro’s example

Australians can only overcome “conservative” media promotion by supporting progressive, independent, fact-based, fearless news sources.

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How Murdoch Manipulates Australia’s Political Climate

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