How Michael Jordan’s golf course became known as “Slaughterhouse 23”

Michael Jordan’s competitiveness is endless.

Even after conquering the NBA and playing minor league baseball, it’s no surprise that Jordan is good at playing golf. According to PGA Tour star Rickie Fowler, his new golf course has even earned the nickname “Slaughterhouse 23.”

“It’s set up very well for him because it’s his golf course … it gets wider the less time you hit it,” Fowler said in a sub-par podcast. “The tees and pins are held daily, so the golf course is basically set up around him. You can play as much as you like, but the back tees are set at around 7,000-7,100 (yards) and where the MJ is. But back tee. “

Jordan’s course, officially named Globe XXIII (23 from his longtime Bulls number), is located in Hove Sound, Florida.

Jordan is known for finding as much edge as possible against his opponents and has shaped the golf course to fit his game perfectly. According to Fowler, almost all 57-year-old pars 4 and 5 can hit the driver, giving him an edge over the blockbuster pros he fights on a daily basis.

“To hit the driver, you need to put it in a small space,” Fowler said. “It’s clear that it can be played as needed, but it’s a bit of a disadvantage, especially for holes where he’s stroking. He has a wedge in his hand, around the green, and as a bunker player. Anyone will put him straight.

“If I’m giving him a shot, I can’t play from the same place he’s putting zeros.”

How Michael Jordan’s golf course became known as “Slaughterhouse 23”

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