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How many people in New York have been exposed to the coronavirus?

New York-Mayor Bill de Blasio said the New York City Department of Health said it was ready to give the vaccine when it was ready, and already two to three million people in New York were infected with COVID-19 I presume that

Interview with Bobby Cuza of NY1 in weekly “Monday with Mayor” interview Inside the city hall, De Blasio did not provide details and evidence on how the health sector reached estimates of 2 to 3 million, but experts have reported COVIDs nationally and worldwide. -19 The number of cases is because everyone is tested or misdiagnosed as a disease with symptoms similar to COVID-19.

Get ready to get the vaccine

De Blasio’s comment on the distribution of the vaccine comes after President Donald Trump said on Friday that he would postpone the delivery of the approved COVID-19 vaccine to New York until it was approved by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Inauguration.

On his side, De Blasio says the city is ready whenever the vaccine is given a green light.

“Our health department is ready to start vaccination of people right away. The facility is already in place and refrigerated. They are ready,” said De Blasio. “So, as soon as we get it in bulk, it’s time for things to start changing.”

But a few weeks ago, Cuomo said it was up to the state, not the city, to control the distribution of the vaccine.

“This area says they’re going to do this. This area says they’re going to do this. There’s no legal jurisdiction in the area. That’s the law,” the governor said. Said on October 22nd. “The state will be responsible for the administration of the vaccine.”

Promote contact tracing

Like most elected officials, De Blasio cited the need for a vaccine to bring the five boroughs back to some degree normal, but the city’s test and trace team, which has more than 4,000 employees, took one second. A wave of coronaviruses that claimed to be able to stop the worst effects of. The mayor argued that this was not the case, despite concerns that the virus had spread too much to the urban community and could no longer rely on contact tracing. His counter-argument: He claims that the city has found that most people who test positive for COVID-19 do not have many close relationships.

“They have one, two, or three. The criteria for close contact aren’t huge because they require real close contact and meaningful time,” said the mayor. “Therefore, in reality, we found that Test & Trace can handle a large number of cases.”

The basic reproduction number, which represents the number of infections caused by a single infection of a particular disease, depends on where someone lives, but experts say that infected individuals spread the virus to far more people. Warns that there is a possibility If they and the people they are infected with do not wear face coverings and social distance..

Furlough and Layoff talk

In an interview with NY1, the mayor also confirmed that he had been temporarily dismissed in October and lost his weekly salary.

“Many other teams here in City Hall have already done it, or are in the process of doing it,” he said. “We had to set an example and lead.”

In September, the mayor announced that he and his 495 staff would abandon the weekly furlough payment at some point after October 1. This, combined with previous savings, saves about 12% from the mayor’s office budget.

A furlough will occur as the city faces an estimated $ 9 billion budget deficit. For now, the city is avoiding a furlough, but the mayor said in an interview that he would be fired “at some point next year” if the coronavirus stimulation package was not given in Washington, DC.

It can face disabilities in the US Senate. Senate Republicans, led by majority leader Mitch McConnell, have often thwarted Congressional Democratic efforts to pass another coronavirus bailout package. One of the challenges was how much direct assistance should be given to states and cities. The Democratic Party wants the federal government to give far more money to rural areas. The House and Senate were able to come up with a stimulus bill earlier this year, but Democrats may need Senate control to get the help that aid areas like New York want.


See the entire “Monday with Mayor” interview above.


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How many people in New York have been exposed to the coronavirus?

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