How Jeff Bezos Spacewatch Wins Omega Marketing

Jeff Bezos Tuesday’s Blue Origin mission is just Breakthrough event NS Private space travel.. It was also a wise marketing opportunity for one of the world’s top high-end watchmakers. After the launch, Bezos was posing in the photo and chatting with a CNN reporter, with a sparkling Omega watch strapped to the outside of his jumpsuit.

Through its representatives, the Swiss luxury watch brand Blue Origin gives Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, pilot Wally Funk, and Dutch student Oliver Dayman a customized stainless steel Speedmaster Moonwatch chronograph watch. I confirmed that it was equipped, but the watch was donated or purchased from the company. Regardless of their origin, Blue Origin crew watches have proven to be a boon to OMEGA’s publicity.

Google Trends, an in-house measurement of search engines, showed that the number of searches for “Bezos Watch” and “Jeff Bezos Watch” increased significantly on the morning of the launch of Blue Origin. As a sign that at least some enthusiastic watch enthusiasts were watching the minutes, Google Trends showed that the more specific “Jeff Bezos Omega” search count was also healthy.

On Tuesday, Hodinkee, a watch publication loved by watch nerds, ran. Online story Danny Milton said the author of the article about the crew Omega, which became the most read story on the site that day. (Mr. Milton said similar traffic was seen in this publication when President Joe Biden correctly identified the Rolex he wore at his inauguration.)

OMEGA has a long-standing relationship with space travel, dating back to 1962, when NASA astronaut Wally Schirra wore the OMEGA Speedmaster in space. However, thanks to Bezos’ coverage of the entire wall of Blue Origin’s launch, Omega’s release moment was spiritually close to its relationship with Hollywood.Omega Celebrity List Backer Includes Daniel Craig, George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, creating a steady interest in the brand from fans who want to copy their favorite star’s favorite watch.

How Jeff Bezos Spacewatch Wins Omega Marketing

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