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How High Sports Made $860 Stretch Pants Essential

Inducted into the Women’s Work Pants Hall of Fame is the High Sport ‘Kick’ Cropped Knit Pants. The independent New York and Los Angeles brand will launch in her 2021, but her plush, sleek, stretchy trousers have already won a devoted following. For fashionable, well-resourced women whispering brand names to each other in line for desk salads or at school pick-ups from Pasadena’s Polytechnic to Manhattan’s Spence, these cult pants are clearly the 860 worth the dollar.

“Every chic person on social media wears them,” said Kristen Feeley, a 55-year-old New York City stay-at-home mom. Her Instagram of her Lange in 2022. They’re the favorites of fashion-obsessed types like Laurel Pantin and Leandra Medine her Cohen, praising their virtues in their respective newsletters. (High Sport says they rarely gift influencers).

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