How do I put Facebook in dark mode?

Facebook has introduced a dark mode feature into the app to prevent it from being offensive to the user’s eyes.

The new feature was released in 2020, but some users reported on May 27, 2022 that they could no longer turn on dark mode in their apps.

How do I turn on Dark Mode?

Facebook Dark Mode is now available on your desktop, AndroidWhen iOS It’s 2020, but it can be difficult to find.

To find Dark Mode on iOS or Android, you need to open the app and click Settings. Click Settings[設定]You can scroll down to the section to find the last dark mode listed.

If you’re trying to turn on dark mode on your desktop, in the settings section[表示とユーザー補助]You can select to switch dark mode on from there.

Why did Facebook add Dark Mode?

Facebook has added a dark mode. Turn this on to replace the bright white background with shades of black and gray.

This switch helps your eyesight when looking at the screen in a dark room.

Switching the app to dark mode makes the text easier to read, reduces eye strain and protects your eyesight.

Some studies suggest that reducing the amount of blue light at night helps you sleep better.

According to the report, blue light affects the amount of melatonin released in an individual’s body, impairing their ability to sleep. Sleep Foundation..

The National Biotechnology Information Center The reduction of blue light says that it can readjust the circadian rhythm of your body and improve your sleep quality.

Common sources of blue light are:

  • Fluorescent light
  • LED light
  • smartphone
  • tv set
  • Computer screen
  • Tablet
  • Ebook reader
  • Video game console

Why doesn’t Dark Mode work on Facebook?

Some Facebook users have reported an issue with enabling dark mode, and the parent company MetaTurned off the feature for some people.

If this feature disappears from the app, uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook on your Android or iOS device may restore the feature.

Users are reacting to Twitter’s lack of dark mode, and one writes: About dark mode. “

Another wrote, “Facebook’s boldness to turn off dark mode when you open the phone this morning,” while another said, “Is it okay for people using dark mode?” Said.

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How do I put Facebook in dark mode?

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