How did the three-beam star Mercedes appear and what does it mean

The three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star on the ring is a symbol of the ongoing success story: The brand maintains its leading position as the only European brand in the top 10 global brands in 2021. The American consulting company Interbrand compiled a popularity rating in which Mercedes-Benz took eighth place. Brand value increased by 3% to $50.866 billion compared to 2020. Consequently, Mercedes-Benz remains the world’s most valuable luxury car brand for the sixth consecutive year and the only one in the top ten.

The world-famous trademark is celebrating a great anniversary in 2021: the three-pointed star logo turns 100 years old. On November 5, 1921, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) applied to the patent office for protection of rights for this and other variants of its trademark. It was registered as a trademark in August 1923. The ring around the star immediately became the basis for the new seal of the Mercedes-Benz brand. It soon began to be used in other parts of cars and commercial vehicles. The star itself – without the surrounding ring – has been known for a good decade. DMG filed for immunity to the logo in 1909, and in 1911 it was entered into the trademark register.

A special star with an impressive five-meter diameter can now be admired free of charge in front of the Mercedes-Benz Museum: the star on the Stuttgart station tower is temporarily missing while the station building is being rebuilt and renovated. From 2025, this Baden-Württemberg landmark will once again shine in its traditional location.

German Mercedes cars with a three-pointed star on the hood have long become a world-renowned standard of comfort and quality. The stylish and attractive emblem has more than a century of history. Her appearance is shrouded in secrets and legends, each of which claims to be true and beautiful in its own way.


One of the legends sends curious admirers of the German brand back to 1880. The technical director of the plant for the production of internal combustion engines, Gottlieb Daimler, decorated his house with a three-pointed star and predicted that the time would come when it would shine over his own plant. The dream was realized only by his sons, who at the beginning of the twentieth century chose a star as the logo of their company.

The ring was added after the merger of two giants of the time: Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft and Benz. Initially, it was supposed to simply keep the Daimler logo, but the numerous victories of Mercedes cars in popular sports races prompted the addition of a laurel wreath for the sake of publicity and glory. Subsequently, he “simplified” to the ring.


Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft Corporation produced not only cars, but also power units for marine vessels. At one time, Daimler Gottlieb dreamed of mastering the production of engines for aviation. It is believed that it was paying tribute to such a dream that the “aircraft propeller” was depicted on the logo. The second decoding: three rays symbolize dominance in the three elements, on land, in water and in the air.


There is a version that the three rays of the Mercedes star symbolize its three co-owners: Wilhelm Maybach, Emil Ellinek and Daimler Gottlieb.

According to another version, the third in a row with Maybach and Ellinek was the daughter of the latter, Mercedes, whose name was immortalized in the name of the iconic car.

Another legend is connected with the founders. The debate about the appearance of the new logo turned into an outright quarrel. In a fever, all three (whether saying goodbye, or intent on settling the dispute by force) crossed their canes. The resulting symbol was liked by everyone.


Over the years, the Mercedes star has undergone certain changes. After using several variations of the logo in 1952, the emblem was moved from the hood to the grille, which, according to the designers, was to emphasize the sporty style of prestigious models. At the turn of the century and already in the new century, the Mercedes logo was given more modern features several times, while maintaining the overall style and concept of the graphic symbol.

Whatever varieties of stars decorate Mercedes of various years of production, they are instantly recognizable on the road. The German brand is valued and respected for its amazing reliability, excellent functionality, modern design, and comfort. Prestigious cars have their numerous admirers in all countries of the world. Ukraine is no exception, where happy owners of a car with a three-pointed star on the radiator can buy any Mercedes spare parts of the highest quality in our online store.

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