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House Democrats Request Briefing from GSA Head Emily Murphy

Washington, DC — Four House Democrats are seeking answers from high-ranking government officials who have refused to begin a formal transfer of power to Joe Biden in the presidential election.

What you need to know

  • Democrats for House are seeking an answer from Emily Murphy, the General Procurement Department, who refused to begin a formal transfer of power to Joe Biden.
  • The members who wrote the letter were Carolyn Maloney of New York, Nita Lowey of New York, Gerry Connolly of Virginia, and Mike Quigley of Illinois.
  • Democrats claim that Biden clearly meets the criteria of being an apparent winner of elections under the President’s Transition Act.
  • Parliamentary members wrote that blocking the transition “has a significant impact” on Biden’s ability to respond to the orderly transfer of power and the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter to General Procurement Director Emily Murphy on Thursday, the chairs of the two House committees and two subcommittees still confirmed the elections that would trigger the formal transition. I asked for an explanation by Monday as to why it wasn’t.

In their letter, New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney, New York Nita Lowey, Virginia Jerry Connolly, and Illinois Mike Quigley told Murphy that blocking the transition would “impair the orderly transfer of power.” It has a significant impact, including impairing entry. ” The government’s ability to respond to a coronavirus pandemic impedes our country’s ability to cope with the dire economic crisis and jeopardizes our national security. “

The transition process gives presidential elections access to information and resources, including the millions of dollars needed to ensure a smooth takeover. Despite a major media organization calling for Biden’s election on November 7, President Donald Trump refused to admit it while making false accusations of widespread fraudulent voting. The president’s legal team was repeatedly defeated in court and failed to provide evidence of widespread fraud that could overturn Biden’s victory in some fierce battle states.

Some of the obstacles facing the Biden transition team have been locked out of the daily intelligence briefings traditionally given to President-elect, and information from the Trump administration that could help deploy the coronavirus vaccine next year. I haven’t received a message and I haven’t received a message. In addition, the President’s Transition Center warned this week that shortening the transition period could impede Biden’s ability to fill more than 1,200 positions that require Senate confirmation, including dealing with pandemics. ..

The House Democratic Party said Murphy’s response would help decide whether to hold a hearing that also includes Murphy’s Deputy Chief of Staff and GSA’s legal counsel.

Parliamentary members claim that Biden clearly meets the requirements of the 1963 Presidential Transition Act.

“Under the Presidential Transition Act, as the General Services Administration (GSA) administrator, it’s best to start the transition as soon as you see” clearly successful candidates for the presidential and vice presidential positions. ” It’s your responsibility, “they write. “President Biden and Vice President Harris are clearly pleased to read this standard in good faith.”

They said Biden had been declared a winner by “virtually all major news agencies” and won 306 electoral votes compared to Trump’s 232. You need 270 to beat the president.

“At this stage, there is no conceivable argument that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are” not clearly successful candidates for the term of president and vice president, “” a member of Congress wrote.

Spectrum News is seeking comment on the GSA, White House and Trump campaigns. The White House turned the question to the GSA.

White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News Wednesday that the Trump administration “has done all the statutory rape” for the transition. She accused the GSA of stagnation. Murphy was appointed by Trump.

The House Democrats also made Trump’s executive order in September change the GSA’s succession line, making its legal adviser the fourth agency to lead the White House attorney Trent Benishek within a week of the election. He said he had questions about appointing a role. ..

“I don’t know why these steps were taken, but the White House is overkill for you to delay granting the Biden-Harris transition team access to the post-election resources required by the president’s transition law. The question arises as to whether it may be putting pressure on the White House, “said the letter. “Our concerns are heightened in the light of the president’s irregular decision to dismiss the heads of other departments and institutions. We have been very patient, but we can’t wait anymore. “

Maloney chairs the House Oversight Committee and Lowi chairs the House Expenditure Committee. Connolly is the chairman of the overseeing Government Steering Subcommittee, and Quigley heads the Expenditure Budget Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee.

House Democrats Request Briefing from GSA Head Emily Murphy

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