Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong was convicted and detained

Hong Kong (AP)-Joshua Wong, a prominent democratization activist in Hong Kong, and two other activists pleaded guilty to protests outside police headquarters during last year’s anti-government protests. Detained on Monday.

Wong, along with fellow activists Ivan Lam and Agnes Chow, was associated with organizing, participating in and inciting protesters to participate in unauthorized protests outside police headquarters last June. I pleaded guilty to the crime. This trio was a member of the disbanded democist party.

They will be detained at a hearing on Monday and the three will be sentenced on December 2. A person convicted of attending an illegal rally can face up to five years’ imprisonment, depending on the severity of the crime. ..

“I’m confident that prison bans, election bans, and other arbitrary powers won’t interfere with our activities,” Wong said before a court hearing.

“What we are doing now is to explain the value of freedom to the world through the compassion we love. We are willing to sacrifice our freedom. I am free. I am preparing for the slight chance of walking. ”

Mr. Wong attracted attention as a student leader in the 2014 Umbrella Movement Against Democratization, and since Beijing imposed a drastic national security law on areas where political speeches are severely restricted in June. An increasing number of activists are being prosecuted for relatively minor crimes. ..

Democratic supporters say legal accusations are part of a campaign to harass and intimidate them.

Ram, who spoke prior to the court hearing, said he was also ready to be imprisoned.

Wong wrote on a Facebook page on Sunday that he and Lam decided to plead guilty after consulting with a lawyer. The two had previously acquitted the indictment.

Chow had already instigated others and pleaded guilty to participating in the protest.

“If I was sentenced to imprisonment this time, I would be in jail for the first time in my life,” Chow wrote on her Facebook page on Sunday.

“I’m mentally ready, but still a little scared. But compared to many friends, I’m barely suffering. When I think of this, I’m the best to bravely confront it. I will do my best, “she wrote.

On June 21, last year, thousands gathered outside police headquarters to protest what they said was excessive police force against demonstrators.

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Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong was convicted and detained

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