Hollywood writer guild executives allegedly threatened to “kill” WME agents

The protracted court battle between the Hollywood writer and his agent has just become ugly.

The guild secretary, who represents Hollywood screenwriters, accuses Rick Rosen, top executive of Ali Emmanuel’s talent agency WME, for threatening to “kill” during a bitter call over the writer’s rewards. Was done.

WME reveals accusations against Writers Guild of America Secretary-General David Young in court documents Wednesday, forcing federal judges to settle long conflicts between WME and WGA over new rules of engagement for guild agents Asked to intervene.

Rosen, head of WME’s television division, said in a document filed with the Federal District Court for the Central District of California on Tuesday that Young would “kill me” during the phone call on August 11, 2020. I threatened repeatedly. “

After the call, Rosen testified in a written declaration that he had called WGAW President David Goodman, stating that he had a “good professional relationship” with the worker’s boss.

“I informed Goodman of Young’s threat,” Rosen said in a declaration made Tuesday. “Mr. Goodman replied,” Oh, God. ” I interpreted this to mean “it’s terrible,” but “it’s not surprising.” This emphasizes to me that such actions by Mr. Young are expected and tolerated by the guild. “

The angry phone call Rosen described as “irrational” and “amazing” came after executives sent an internal note to a WME agent to update the breakdown of negotiations with WGA.

WGA officials said Young denied threatening Rosen and both Young and Goodman refused to comment on the alleged case.

The official said that both WME and its rival CAA would “solve their own conflicting practices” in the ongoing legal dispute between the guild and the institution over writer compensation. He added that he didn’t want it.

“WME and CAA have the opportunity to regain the writer when they return to the table, when they stop attacking us and take the task of reforming their own deep-seated conflict seriously.” Goodman said in a statement. “Useless proceedings do not save them from it.”

The threat of murder continued for a year and a half full of drama, and the guild instructed members such as Tina Fey, Shonda Rhimes, and Linaways to dismiss agents for what was considered unfair compensation.

Throughout the year, the guild convinces more than 100 agencies, including major players such as UTA ​​and ICM, to sign the latest contract to put an end to “packaging” that allows production companies to pay talent agencies. Did. Summarize their talents in movies and TV series.

The agreement limits the agency to 20% ownership of the affiliated production company. Both WME and CAA have production companies trying to negotiate with WGA on how to comply with the new rules.

On Wednesday, WME attorney Jeffrey Kessler asked the judge to stop the writer’s boycott because the standoffs hurt the business. The CAA filed a similar allegation on Tuesday.

Attorneys who questioned the legality of the boycott said WME “lost more than 1,000 clients who were forced to terminate WME by guild instructions, and once disconnected, these client relationships may never return. There is. “

WGA officials acknowledged that discussions with WME were “productive,” but WME made “repeated” requests for “additional information about the corporate structure to provide such terms.” Said to ignore for a month.

Hollywood writer guild executives allegedly threatened to “kill” WME agents

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