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Hofstra University and Nassau Community College disagree about the benefits of a casino at the Coliseum Hub.

uniondale, new york — Plans for the Nassau Community College to become a proposed casino employee training center have sparked backlash.

The project will be adjacent to two university campuses. Some parents and community members told CBS2 on Wednesday that the casino plan was a bad idea.

of Latest Proposed Reinvention of Nassau Hub and Coliseum It’s causing a passionate schism between two nearby institutions of higher education.

Hofstra University is casino resortNassau Community College believes it fulfills its mission.

“This is a win-win for Nassau Community College,” said Jerry Kornbluth, NCC’s vice president of community and government relations.

If Las Vegas Sands obtains a downstate casino license here, it will invest in NCC’s hospitality management program.

“And this is a great opportunity to change lives, provide education or skills, get an internship, and then enter the job market,” Kornbluth said.

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Under the proposal, the NCC would establish a training center for casino and entertainment resort workers at a hub less than 1 mile (1.6 km) away.

Sands has already partnered with universities in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Sands senior vice president Ron Reese said: “Whether it’s a hotel room, a tourist attraction or something the local community can participate in or have access to, it’s a restaurant.

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Students gave their thoughts on the project.

“I don’t know much about casinos, but it’s good to try new things,” said one.

“It will provide students with jobs and internships,” said another.

“It would take away the history of the Coliseum,” said another.

“I don’t think gambling should be introduced into schools,” added another.

Hofstra and NCC are just a stone’s throw from what could be a new gaming entertainment center.

Hofstra continues to object, saying that “casino gambling doesn’t sit well with the 40,000 students who live in the hub’s neighborhood.”

“We know there is a terrible brain drain for young people who leave Long Island after completing their college degrees,” said David Patterson, former New Yorker governor and now senior vice president of Sands. I’m here.

The proposal says 90% of the land will be turned into recreational facilities and jobs will be created.

“Five to 10 percent of the area is actually used for casinos,” says Paterson.

Still, the controversy grows. The $4 billion investment is privately funded.

Hofstra added he was concerned that students at both schools could become addicted to gambling. Hofstra University and Nassau Community College disagree about the benefits of a casino at the Coliseum Hub.

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