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Hochul shares community message and changes with WNY church

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. — Gov. Kathy Hochul stopped by western New York on Sunday to share a message of change with the community. She spent the morning at a church service in Williamsville.

It was a morning of praise and worship at Zion Dominion Global Ministry.

Among the congregation on Sunday was the Governor of New York.

“My hometown has given me the strength and resilience to be a voice for people all over the state,” Ho-chul said.

Familiar with this church, she came with words of inspiration.

“As Governor, I am here to tell you that I want all the children in New York State to have the same opportunities that I have,” she said.

It resonated with churchgoers.

Marsha McWilson, evangelist for Zion Dominion Global Ministries, said, “Many people go home with stones in their pockets and shoot you, but she’s a resilient woman.” No stone can stop her.”

Just four months later, the message of uplifting neighbors is gaining even more traction. Mass shooting at Tops supermarket on Jefferson Avenue Its police described it as “race-motivated violent extremism.”

“I’m going to take that pain and use that pain to bring it back to Albany and do more to protect our streets, our children and our families,” Hochul said.

She vowed to continue working on gun safety laws and to strengthen background checks and gun safety.

She also pledged to provide much-needed resources to communities like East Buffalo.

Zion Dominion Global Ministry Elder Bobby Fonville said, “This is a forgotten community, and people are coming together to understand how important it is to come together. I am happy.–change-in-williamsville-church-service Hochul shares community message and changes with WNY church

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