Helpful Guide for First Time Drivers in Mexico

People are usually nervous when it comes to driving through Mexico because they don’t know which area is safe and which isn’t. A good thing is that it’s straightforward and there aren’t too many risky paths. Your trip will be much easier if you have a car or check a few renting companies.

It might not be beneficial if you are traveling alone, but when you have at least one friend to split the expenses, it becomes much more affordable. For example, you will only need to spend on gas considering that you can find vehicles that go for $10 per day.

Is Driving In Mexico Safe?

When you look at the regulations and how serious they are, you can consider them as safe but that won’t be the perfect answer. It very much depends on where you are going as same as some parts of the US that can be dangerous. You won’t have a problem with most tourist locations and if you are taking care of your belongings.

Some of the things you should consider are to drive only during the day when there is a lot of traffic and always find a safe location for your vehicle during the night. This only applies to neighborhoods that are considered dangerous.

Can You Use an American License?

This is the most common question and the answer is yes but only for the country of Mexico. They will allow you to enter with your country’s license if it is in English so people from New Zealand, England, Australia, Canada, and some from the EU will be able to use their original license. If you are from another country, you will need to get an International drivers license for Mexico.

The only difference can be when you will be living there for a while which means that you will need to get their license. But, it shouldn’t be a problem if you stick with yours unless when you are planning to buy a car.

How Do They Drive?

You will need to get used to it if you haven’t driven there before because they are reckless. They love moving fast and you will probably see a lot of miss regarding when it comes to signs and using indicators. Some parts are great and everyone follows regulations so you can experience both on the same day when you are on a road trip.

Always pay attention no matter where you are driving, listen to the authorities, and follow speed limits to avoid getting stopped. They use all kinds of signals to tell the other drives what they are doing like using the flashers to tell you that they are stopping.

There are a lot of speed bumps but also signs that will inform you about them called topes. They are much bigger compared to most of the countries in the EU so make sure to slow down on time. Potholes are also very common and can damage your car.


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