Hearing aids can use some help

But Dr. Lin said, “Most of what you see there-‘a $ 50 miracle device!'” — Complete trash. I don’t know which one to trust. “

However, once federal requirements for over-the-counter hearing aids are in place, manufacturers of high quality PSAP can apply for approval. “All other PSAPs are on the roadside,” said Dr. Lin. If their label says they aren’t approved by the FDA, “no one will buy them, and they shouldn’t.”

Consumer electronics companies (which are said to include Apple and Samsung) are waiting with startups to look at the vast and poorly serviced markets. “When the barriers go down, there’s a lot of venture capital funding for hearing aid technology,” said Dr. Rathi.

Bose acted early and received FDA approval for Hearphone in 2018. This can be adjusted by the buyer with the smartphone app. But without the new rules, Bose wouldn’t sell it because state regulations were blocking domestic sales.

However, the company is working on new commercial products. “We are cautiously optimistic that 2021 will be this year,” said Brian Magire, director of the BoseHear group.

We expect new products and advertisements to pop up in stores and online as the FDA acts and businesses and retailers launch. “There is a bit of a western pioneer era,” Kelly said. “People will be confused. They will need a lot of information.”

At that point, the audiologist will no longer act as the exclusive gatekeeper for the hearing aid. However, even if the client purchases elsewhere, it can still provide important services such as testing, education, counseling, and device tuning.

Hearing aids can use some help

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