Healthy Sterling Shepherd Key to Giants Playoffs Push

It was a quiet season for Sterling Shepherd, but at least he was able to shake off the injury problem and stay on the field while the Giants embarked on a stretch run of the season.

Shepherd was injured on the turf toe in the second week and missed four games in a row, damaging the already thin wide receiver corps. Shepherds are actually restricted weekly after returning home to avoid unnecessary wear on the toes that are still healing.

“I’m just trying to manage my feet and get into the game throughout the week, I’m just trying to focus and help the team as much as possible,” Shepherd said. “That’s the type of player I’m playing, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

In the last four games, Shepard has had 26 receptions at 219 yards, making the only touchdown. He has averaged 8.7 yards of career at 34 receptions this season, serving as a reliable third-down option, but he rarely plays big on the field. Addressing issues from multiple concussions The availability of Shepherd later this season after missing six games in 2019 is an important part of the offensive formula.

“It’s this game, it’s NFL football,” Shepherd said. “Something happens that way, so you need to understand what it is and keep moving. That’s what I keep doing, keep moving, keep pushing.”

For the second consecutive day, CB James Bradley was exempt from practice to attend family issues. Kevin Zeitler (concussion) is a full participant and will return to his place in the starting lineup of Lightguard.

The Giants on Thursday were pulling Washington to beat the Cowboys as the Giants swept the season series from Washington and owned a tiebreaker in the NFC East. The Giants lost their first match of the season to the Cowboys.

“I don’t know who to support,” said quarterback Daniel Jones. “Thanksgiving will work on most of that, but it’s a good idea to take a break and relax a bit. Obviously, this year’s COVID is a bit difficult for everyone. But yeah, I I’ll catch some of those games. I still don’t know who to support. I’ll see what happens to the games. “

The Giants were in the Thanksgiving field, but it was a shorter working day than usual. They were able to hold morning meetings in remote areas, practice normally, and leave the facility by 1:30 pm to celebrate the holidays. Early start is popular with most players.

“Most people don’t care about it,” said head coach Joe Judge. “It leads them to some sort of flow of things.”

Thursday is for a situational football job. The Giants have prepared a third down, red zone package for 2 minutes.

“Thursday is a big day for us,” the judge said. “We want to take the time to make sure. I understand that it’s still Thanksgiving. There are certain days of the year that you have to make sure you devote yourself to. Family is an important part of it and friends are an important part of it. You need to make sure you can go home after work. They can relax a little. Have a little time with your loved ones. Let’s spend it “

Healthy Sterling Shepherd Key to Giants Playoffs Push

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