Healing cuts resume, academy expands, Harvey

This is a brief summary of recent changes to business in the Castro region. In this edition, hairdressers have reopened, social clubs have expanded, hairdressers have been temporarily relocated, and community groups have begun an online survey on the redesign of Harvey Milk Plaza.

Healing cut (2350 Market Street)

Healing Cut Hair Salon has been reopened on 2350 Market Street. Formerly Streetlight Records..

Foodline readers recall that Healing Cuts owned Ismael De Luna. I was forced to move The former location, 3903 18th St, after failing to reach an agreement with the landlord about missing rent payments due to shelter-in-place restrictions. From. There is free space left at this time.

Healing Cut has opened on 2350 Market Street. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

Over the past few months, De Luna has remodeled the space and prepared for the opening, including painting a mural with a rainbow flag on the building. After opening the first space along 18th Avenue, De Luna was forced to paint on a mural with a rainbow flag.

“It’s time to start healing after such a difficult time,” De Luna said. “We see light at the end of the tunnel, which creates hope and empowers us to continue to provide what we love most.”

Academy SF (2166 Market Street)

rear Almost 4 years In Castro, LGBTQ + social club Academy Announced that it will expand to daytime business hours.

dubbing”Academy daylight, ”Members will be granted access to the daytime space from 11am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Social clubs host a variety of events, including reading club gatherings, discussion groups, and classes.

2166 Market Street Academy. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

Co-owner Nate Bourg tells Hoodline that daytime hours are not intended to be used as a coworking space. “It’s just a space you visit during the day to complement your work-life balance with working from home,” says Bourg. “Nikko is your day off, and the moment you catch up with your friends is just as important as catching up with those emails.”

Bourg states that the Academy is currently accepting applications and plans to open the Academy Daylight around June 1.

In recent years, social clubs have remodeled their backyard spaces, and last year Expanded to the space on the second floor Previously it was occupied by State Farm insurance.

Membership starts at $ 80 per month and can be attended by one guest per visit. Daytime subscriptions are added to the member’s regular monthly payments.

Arzo Hair (2215 Market Street)

Castro Salon Arzo Hair Temporarily 2215 Market St. Moved to. Formerly fashion exchange..

Arzo Hair was previously at 228 Sanchez St., but moved to a new space earlier this month after the space was remodeled.

Arzo Hair has temporarily opened at 2215 Market St. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

Hoodline asked Arzo Hair for comment, but did not respond.

Foodline readers were Rick Hammer, a former Fintown tavern owner, in 2018. Little Fin Emporium It is scheduled to open at 2215 Market St., but these plans have not been realized and Fintown closed In less than three years at Castro.

At yesterday’s monthly meeting Castro Merchant, Harvey Milk Plaza Friends (FHMP) is Online survey Town hall meeting for feedback on plans to redesign Harvey Milk Plaza.

The group will then host two virtual town halls on April 15th and April 17th. For those who are interested in participating in the Town Hall, Register here..

FHMP Interim Secretary-General Brian Springfield (upper right) is discussing the investigation. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

FHMP in February Announcement of SWA group selection As a new design company redesigning Castro’s Harvey Milk Plaza.

Promoting the redesign of Harvey Milk Plaza First kicked in 2017, FHMP chooses local company Perkins Eastman design rear International competition..Since then, the project has Many design revisions And Repulsion of important communities..

December 2018, the project Phase 1 approval From the Sanfranisco Arts Committee.

Last year the project was awarded $ 1 Million State Subsidy Started by State Senator Scott Wiener.The· Then received the suggestion Phase 1 Determining historical resources From the science fiction plan for July 2020.

SFMTA Individual $ 14.5 Million, 18 Months Castro Station Accessibility Improvement Project was Postponed until fall 2021.. At the request of FHMP, a fourth elevator stop has been added to serve the sidewalks of Market Street. The elevator project is expected to be completed in 2024.

Healing cuts resume, academy expands, Harvey

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