Have Calanza skate about his explicit abuse of power

The city’s Ministry of Education goes beyond ridiculous Not investigating Former Prime Minister Richard Karanza’s apparent abuse is that he Shack up for months With former DOE staff He was hired for a 6-digit job in 2018, Its salary rose from $ 149,000 in 2018 to $ 156,274 in 2020.

Susan Edelman of the post, Karanza left his wife, Share a luxury high-rise condo in San Antonio With Raquel Sosa, a gal friend who worked in a remote area before quitting last month.

After leaving DOE in March last year, Calanza worked for educational technology company IXL Learning, which paid at least $ 4 million for software and materials. Under the rules of the City’s Conflict of Interest Committee, he was obliged to stay out of school for one year on behalf of IXL. Nevertheless, Sosa was a senior director of development, support, and implementation in the DOE curriculum, teaching, and professional learning offices.

John Kaehny of the Good Government Group’s Reinvent Albany told the post that if Carranza violates the conflict of interest rules, he should pay a price. “Otherwise, the law would be meaningless.”

Karanza to all of his regular accusations of “implicit prejudice” against white and Asian parents’ “privileges” and desire for a challenging curriculum for their children. On the other hand, he was clearly exercising the privilege of power. Import his lover And set her up as a lucrative sinecure for DOE — at the expense of the taxpayer.

NS Bob McManus On these pages last week, sorry, Karanza’s story is a fresh proof of the ugly truth about the city government. Poor and helpless, not many. Does the city hall really force the former prime minister to stop it?

Have Calanza skate about his explicit abuse of power

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