Has “Unrealistic Joker” Joe Gut been canceled?

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The hidden camera comedy series “Impractical Jokers” is still alive, but with TruTv and HBO Max scrubbing some disgusting episodes.

And it seems to coincide with the announcement that one of the former members, Joe Gut, will leave the comedy group of four buddies.

“Shortly after Gatto’s departure, it was reported that some episodes of the TruTV series were removed from streaming, and it’s not clear at this time why the changes were made.” According to Cinema Blend.

According to the entertainment website, the abandoned episode includes the story of Gut rubbing people in a massage chair and kissing an unprotected stranger.

The episodes “Brushats” and “Dream Crusher” featuring Gut in “Dangerous Situations” have also been removed from both the TruTV site and HBO Max. According to Paste Magazine.

TruTV did not deal with the episode plot.

Quiet scrubs happened around the same time Gut announced his departure from the popular comedy group and the dissolution of his marriage on the New Year’s weekend.

A puzzled star in an old promotional photo.

“I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t be involved in the’unrealistic Joker’,” he said. I wrote it on Instagram.

“Because of some problems in my personal life, I have to leave. Betty and I decided to break up amicably, so now with the best fathers of our two wonderful kids. We need to focus on co-parenting. “

45-year-old Gut attended Monsignor Farrell High School on Staten Island with three cohorts (Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn, James “Mar” Murray) and continued to play as the popular “Tenderloin” for over a decade. rice field.

Last week, TruTV issued a brief statement in The Post. “Ten years later, Joe Gatto will no longer be part of the ongoing Impractical Jokers universe. We look forward to continuing to work with our longtime partners Sal, Murr and Brian. Next week, production will begin at Impractical Jokers. A new episode will be broadcast in the spring. “

The post was posted earlier this week by Catgut’s estranged 39-year-old wife, Bessie Gut. Found on Long Island without her wedding ring.

But the gut is not low. He will start a comedy tour of 11 gigs in Wisconsin next week.

Has “Unrealistic Joker” Joe Gut been canceled?

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