Harter’s 27 points lead the Hawks to the East Final, over 76ers.

Trae Young stripped off the jersey and restricted the steps of throwing souvenirs to his dad from his first ever victory in Round 7 of the Hawks.

Young will need a new uniform.

He shook off the cold shooting night and probably helped Atlanta become a road warrior again, and now the Hawks are taking their amazing turnaround to the finals of the Eastern Conference.

“We did it in a big way,” Young said.

They destroyed the process along the way.

Young made three pointers in the second half, scoring 21 points, Schennen de Huerter’s product Kevin Huerter led the Hawks with 27 points, and Atlanta helped Atlanta win the series for the third time in the Philadelphia 76ers. I won 103-96. Round 7 Sunday night.

The Hawks will hold their first East Final since 2015 against Bucks on Wednesday night in Milwaukee.

“I felt like they were built to win this match tonight,” said Nate McMillan.

Atlanta was 0-9 in Game 7.

However, the Hawks ignored their disgraceful history and won one in Philadelphia. There, he had already won Game 1 and Game 5, knocked out Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and closed a book on the discussed reconstruction plan known as the process.

“We gave them life from Game 1,” said Tobias Harris, a 76ers forward. “It’s a young and hungry team.”

John Collins, who scored 14 points and 16 rebounds, wore his t-shirt dunked into Game 6 Embiid in a post-match interview.

It wasn’t too deep, but even the Hawks couldn’t see this coming. Especially in March, when Lloyd Pierce was fired at 14-20, 11th at the Eastern Conference.

Under McMillan, the Hawks turned into birds of prey, and Young entered the postseason for the first time since 2017, defeating New York in the first round.

Embiid, NBA MVP runners, Simmons, and the cast of expensive stars were supposed to replace the up-and-coming Hawks. It never happened.

Young otherwise shook off the floor on the night off (23 to 5) and continued to shoot until he hit the third with a 93-87 lead with 2:31 remaining.

Harter closed the victory with three free throws.

Sixers fans were reprimanded by the loudspeaker for having the home team hold it, booing off the court, and throwing trash on the court.

Embiid was playing with a meniscus tear on his right knee with 31 points, 11 rebounds and 8 turnovers.

“I still believe, whether I’m 100% or we’re all together,” he said.

This is the second year since 1973 (when the NBA began seeding the tournament playoffs), and neither seed will be the final of the tournament. West No. 1 Seed Utah has been eliminated by the Clippers.

Rattling in Game 7 and a packed house on the road? Not these Hawks, who took a 26-point lead in a Game 1 victory in Philadelphia and rebounded from 26 on the same court to pull out Game 5.

“This team is special,” Harter said. “Everyone has been counting us all year long. It makes a lot of sense to us that we have succeeded so far and won this building in Round 7.”

“As the guys go out, we definitely need to be more aggressive with him and score more balls,” Young said. “He was doing it and did it tonight.”

Young was not a factor in the first half. He had more push-ups (three after being knocked on the court by Dwight Howard) than a basket (12 to 1). He even became T’d by discussing the canceled foul call to the Sixers.

From New York to Philadelphia, Young was fearless and refused to reduce his stretch even if the shot didn’t fall.

“I knew I had to find a way. My shot was off. My right hand and shoulders were giving up. But my teammates appeared and played. I finally played. I wanted to go through and help them. “

Harter’s 27 points lead the Hawks to the East Final, over 76ers.

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