Gwen Goldman Realizes Her Yankees Batgirl Dream 60 Years Later

Sixty years after declaring the bargains are not a place for girls, the Yankees corrected their mistakes and made one fan’s dream come true.

In 1961, 10-year-old Gwen Goldman wrote to her favorite team and asked her to become Batgirl. Roy Hamy, then general manager, declined her request in a letter that had been sitting in Goldman’s living room ever since.

“I agree that girls are certainly as talented as boys and will definitely be a fascinating addition to the stadium, but in men-dominated games, young women like you I’m sure I can understand what you’ll feel at the bargain place, “he wrote.

Goldman’s daughter, Abbey, forwarded the letter to her current general manager, Brian Cashman. Brian Cashman wrote a new letter stating that Goldman could finally realize his childhood dreams. On Monday, she acted as Honorary Batgirl for the Bronx bomber and threw the opening ceremony.

Gwen Goldman is waving to the crowd after being introduced as a Batgirl at Yankee Stadium on Monday night.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

“Here in the Yankees, we’ve supported breaking down the gender barriers of the industry. It’s an ongoing effort rooted in the belief that women belong everywhere there are men, including bargains,” Cashman said. writing. “It’s been 60 years since I first aspired to maintain the New York Yankees’ status as Batgirl, but I’m rewarding and recognizing the ambition I showed to us as 10 years. It’s never too late.-Grandmother. “

Goldman pointed out the changes that took place in the sport to allow her to reach this moment. No woman is playing in MLB yet, but in the last decade she has begun to serve in almost every other position in the league.

The Yankees are the only professional sports team with two female assistant GMs. One of them, Kim Ng, was hired as the league’s first female GM in November.

“The Yankees started Hope Week and paid tribute to me that girls could stand here, we could be Batgirls, and we could be in the front office,” she said. Says. Said.

Goldman was the first recipient of Hope Week in 2021 to celebrate the achievements of various fans and organizations every day. Goldman wore a full Yankees uniform and spent time with Ace’s Gerrit Cole before the match.

“Jerrit will probably have her at hand to see where she needs to be safe. Hopefully it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her and a long experience.” Said manager Aaron Boone.

When asked if he had advised Goldman before the match, Cole simply said, “Enjoy.”

Yankees shortstop Tyler Wade gives Gwen Goldman the ball after throwing the opening ceremony on Monday night.
Bill Kostroun / New York Post

“I told her I was watching more games than I actually played, so I feel good about how the dugout works. If she needs a pointer, go ahead. Please contact me. I just want her to be comfortable and have fun tonight, “he said.

With the addition of her husband, two daughters, a son-in-law and two grandchildren, Goldman said he never had the “amazing” feelings he had before the match. Before the match, she read an old letter and shed tears, so she participated in the experience in awe.

A 70-year-old indigenous person in Westport, Connecticut, who now lives in Newtown, Connecticut, fell in love with the Yankees because of his father, who took her to the game. When she attended the summer camp, he mailed her cutouts along with the Yankees records.

Gwen Goldman
Gwen Goldman helps during her time as the Yankees Batgirl on Monday night.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

Goldman said he hopes that by pursuing his goals, he will be able to pursue his dreams for young women such as his daughters Abbey and Sarah and his granddaughter Lira.

“It was worth writing the letter. It was worth it. It was worth pursuing and trying it,” she said. “You want to chase it and do something.”

Gwen Goldman Realizes Her Yankees Batgirl Dream 60 Years Later

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