GSA Releases Biden Transition Team Funds

November 23 – Funds from the US government for President Joe Biden’s transition team will be released from the General Procurement Department, according to administrator Emily Murphy.

Biden’s team is now entitled to $ 7.3 million in resources and services available for the president’s transition, Murphy said in letters released from multiple news sources.

Biden was declared the winner of the US presidential election on November 3, with 306 electoral votes against President Donald Trump’s 232 votes. Biden also won the popularity vote with 6 million votes.

This move comes as a result of state elections showing that Biden’s winners will be recognized in the fierce battle states of Michigan and Georgia and will soon be recognized in Pennsylvania.

The GSA is an independent federal agency responsible for supporting the management and support of the basic functions of other federal-level agencies and making transition resources available in the presidential election.

Unlocking President-elect’s resources in the past was part of a management routine, but Trump’s appointed Murphy stagnated the process and faced complaints from both. Democratic Party Republican. Includes threats that subpoenas will appear on the US House Expenditure Commission.

Murphy said her decision to discontinue GSA funding was made independently without the influence of the White House.

“I have never been directly or indirectly pressured by government officials, including those working at the White House and the GSA, on the content and timing of my decisions,” she wrote. ..

But President Donald Trump soon Tweet He instructed Murphy to start the process, adding that his campaign did not give up on Biden’s legal challenge to victory.

“Our proceedings continue strongly,” Mr. Trump said on Monday. “We will continue to fight well, and we believe we will win! Nevertheless, for the best interests of our country, I am Emily and her team made on the first protocol. I encourage you to do what you need to do, and told me a team that does the same. ”

On Monday night, the Pentagon announced that it had received a notice of the release of funds and said it had contacted designated leaders of Biden’s transition team and the Pentagon’s agency review team.

“DOD is ready to provide post-election services and support in a professional, orderly and efficient manner, which is in line with the expectations of the national sector and its commitment to national security.” The statement states.

The Biden team has complained that the presidential election advisory task force has been denied access to information briefings as well as being denied important information to help prepare it to defeat COVID-19. I will.

On Friday, Biden’s campaign solicited donations to fund the transition process itself, as Trump refused to make concessions.

GSA Releases Biden Transition Team Funds

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