Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Shutdown “Hypocrisy” Energizes Republican Challengers in 2022

Tudor Dixon missed his last face-to-face farewell to his grandmother in a coronavirus pandemic and strict nursing home visit rules imposed by the state of Michigan.

Dixon now wants to defeat the woman she is blaming. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become Republican’s number one target in next year’s elections for dealing with the pandemic.

“They didn’t even open the blinds,” Dixon told The Washington Times, recalling his last visit when he stood outside the building where his grandmother was housed. “They opened them just like the slats were open, and I had to pick up my four daughters so they could try to see her through the window.”

“In American history, if your loved one is in a dying facility, can you imagine a time when the governor says you’re not allowed?”

A 44-year-old co-host of the conservative television news program America’s Voice Live said other Michigan residents faced their own trials under Whitmer. Break the rules.

One of those headlines came with a revelation that Whitmer, who warned residents about an out-of-state trip, flew to Florida on a private jet to visit his sick father in a nursing home.

Whitmer said there were no travel restrictions when he went to Florida and he did before the COVID-19 surge. According to Republicans, sell the explanation to the needy residents of the state and do your best.

She was also forced to apologize in May when at least 12 people without masks were photographed sitting in a restaurant with others. This violates the state’s ban on rallies of six or more people.

“I’m a human being. I apologize for making a mistake,” Whitmer said.

“Gretchen Whitmer’s term as governor is one of hypocrisy and a breach of promise, and Michigan is exposed to strict blockades while living according to her own set of rules,” said the Republican Governor’s Association. Spokesman Chris Gustavson said. “From a broken road to the worst COVID recovery in the country, Whitmer’s unsuccessful record guarantees she is the first governor.”

Whitmer’s sourness is part of a broader blowback trend towards Democratic governors such as Andrew Cuomo in New York and Gavin Newsom in California.

Whitmer announced that the state will officially reopen on Tuesday after corporate, church and personal gatherings have been restricted for about 15 months.

In recent months, her position with the population has dropped from 58% approval in February to 50% in May.

These are still solid numbers for the incumbent governor, with Democrats confidently speaking about her outlook and targeting her potential Republican opponents.

“Every step of the way the same Republican criticizing her played politics in a pandemic and tried to thwart every step of the road,” said Sam Newton, a spokesman for the Democratic Governor’s Association. “Their criticism is the same political game they have been playing for a long time.”

Whitmer also saw residents gather around her in October after the FBI revealed plans to kidnap the governor from the right-wing militia group Wolverine Watchman.

Whitmer’s office and the Michigan Democratic Party did not respond to emails asking for comment on the article, but Newton said Whitmer was governed by science.

Dangerous, even if Ms. Whitmer urged, her actions appear to believe in science last year when her husband rushed to the company to put a boat in the waters of northern Michigan. did. Residents should not rush to the area.

Whitmer’s trip to Florida in March and questions about how she planned to pay for it spawned another headline. And recently, a 49-year-old woman was forced to apologize after a photo of 12 other people gathering around a table at a restaurant, violating the rules of social distance in the health sector.

Steve Mitchell, a Michigan-based Republican strategist, said Whitmer’s behavioral pattern of “acting as I say, not as I say” hurt her image.

“The problem of hypocrisy is that it’s hurting the governor and that Republicans are raiding,” Mitchell said.

There is also a protracted question as to whether the number of deaths in coronavirus-related nursing homes is underestimated.

David Durio, a professor of political science at the University of Auckland, said: “It was this death by almost a thousand cuts.”

Whitmer is still favored to win the reelection. The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election tracker, evaluates “lean” Democrats in the race.

The race is unique in that the incumbent governor is the first to run for re-election with their party at the White House since 1974.

“Gretchen’s spirit is being tested,” said Ed Sarpolus, a pollster who is the founder of Lansing’s Target-Insyght. “This is the first time she has to work to win the reelection.”

According to the latest survey by Mr. Serporus, she leads former Detroit Police Department chief James Craig by 48% to 42%, 49% to 39% ahead of Republican’s latest U.S. Senator candidate, John James. ..

Neither Craig nor James have announced bids, but their potential candidates divert attention from Dixon and five other lesser-known Republicans already in the race. Did.

Perhaps most obvious is that voters preferred Craig over Whitmer by 63% to 30% when asked who they believed more about their work and economy.

Less than 50% of respondents said she deserves re-election.

“The bottom line is that Gretchen is vulnerable,” said Serporus. “Will she be defeated? Well, it depends on whether Republicans get good candidates.”

Dixon wants to fill that gap.

“I’m running because I clearly saw what happened with the blockade last year,” she said. “I saw people, businesses and restaurants suffering, and Governor Whitmer really had no answer.”

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Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Shutdown “Hypocrisy” Energizes Republican Challengers in 2022

Source link Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Shutdown “Hypocrisy” Energizes Republican Challengers in 2022

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