Gregory Diaz IV was a “fan girl” when he read “In the Heights”

Gregory Diaz IV grew up in Bronx and Queens, but now sings and dances “in the heights”.

An enthusiastic 16-year-old actor makes a big screen debut In the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, In theaters and at HBO Max Friday.About tight knit in the movie Washington Heights neighborhood In Upper Manhattan, he plays Sony, his son’s sloppy cousin. Anthony Ramos Usnavi, the character who owns Bodega where Sony works.

Diaz is a New Yorker from the ground up. He started on Broadway and his greatest achievement was in the movie “Vampire vs. Bronx”. So what are the five autonomous regions that captured him?

“There’s something in New York that fascinates me,” Diaz told Post. “Maybe it’s related to what I was born and raised here.”

The actor also spent nearly half of his short life in the entertainment world. When he was 10 years old, he saw a performance of “Matilda” on Broadway, and although he wasn’t so interested in musicals until then, he intuitively understood that there was theater in his veins.

Gregory Diaz IV (center), as Sunny "At The Heights" Opposite Anthony Ramos (left) and Leslie Grace (right).
Gregory Diaz IV (center) plays Sony in “In the Heights”, facing Anthony Ramos (left) and Leslie Grace (right).
Macal Pauley

“I saw children of the same age dancing, acting and singing on stage,” Diaz said. “It was just an immediate feeling that I wanted to do it and believed that I could do it. That was the first goal I set for myself in my career. “Matilda” -Thankfully, I was able to do that. “

By the age of 11, he screamed with fake English accents on stage at the Shubert Theater and toured the country for six months. Feeling that he should leave the board, Diaz decided to dive into movies and television.

“There are not many roles [in the theater for actors] “My age,” he said. “But I think I’ll come back when I’m 18 years old.”

“In the Heights” is a great start. This energetic film combines his new love for screens with his old-fashioned singing and dancing talents to make it a blockbuster. However, the audition process resulted in an unfamiliar sensation for confident and well-spoken Diaz. I’m nervous.

Behind the Bodega counters of Gregory Diaz IV and Anthony Ramos "In the Heights"
Gregory Diaz IV (center) started show business at the age of 11 when he joined the cast of Broadway’s Matilda.
Macal Pauley

“I went into the room and saw someone like John. [M. Chu, the film’s director], Chiara [Alegría Hudes, who wrote the musical’s book and the screenplay], Anthony and Lynn, “he said. But I kept calm outside. “

When Diaz finished his last callback reading the scene with Ramos, the pros shook it off. He tries not to think too much about auditions. So the teen went to the movie and then went to the dentist appointment. Just three hours after the audition, he left the office and his pockets buzzed.

Lin-Manuel Miranda I have set up FaceTime on my cell phone. ” He said. “And I just wondered,’What’s wrong?’ And we just chatted and he said, “Why don’t you join this?”

“Of course!” Diaz replied without thinking.

The work was shocking to him. He was tied to his castmate — “[Ramos] Is like a brother to me. ”—I ended up shooting a high-budget work that I rarely see in movies. One is “96,000” taken at the Highbridge Pool. Over 500 extras, synchronized swimmers, singers and dancers are featured. Diaz stimulates rap solos in the water.

Gregory Diaz IV and Stephanie Beatriz set "At heights."
Gregory Diaz IV of “In the Heights” and Leslie Grace as Nina co-star.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

“I’ve been in the pool for a couple of hours,” he said of the three-day rain shoot. “I can’t complain because the environment was so energetic. It’s like watching the old MGM Grand dance scene.”

Audiences can see Diaz and “In the Heights” a year later, which was supposed to be released, postponed for a pandemic this weekend. Actors are behind the biggest project to date At first he was upset. But now, during the reopening of the long-awaited city, he sees it in another way.

“Looking at all the positive reactions we’re getting now, I think this movie is a precursor to the idea of ​​us coming back.”

Gregory Diaz IV was a “fan girl” when he read “In the Heights”

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