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Governor Kathy Hochul declares state disaster emergency to combat monkeypox outbreak

New York — On Friday, Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state disaster emergency to strengthen New York state’s disaster preparedness. monkeypox outbreak.

The governor said the executive order would allow the state to respond more quickly and “allow health professionals to take additional steps to help more New Yorkers get vaccinated.” I’m here.

This comes on the heels of a group of elected officials and medical advocates who said New York City and the state were not taking it seriously enough.

The virus has been classified as a threat by the state, but the city has held off on declaring it.

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New York State’s declaration of the monkeypox virus as an “imminent threat to public health” was criticized as an understatement by several elected officials based in Manhattan.

They want an official state of emergency to be declared not only by the state but also by New York City. The number of infected people in the city is now over 1,200.

“We need a stronger response,” Rep. Linda Rosenthal told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Rosenthal was included in the joint statement along with Senator Brad Hoyleman, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rep. Eric Botcher, and Rosenthal’s colleagues Deborah Glick and Dick Gottfried.

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New York declares state disaster emergency as monkeypox cases spike


“More people will get monkeypox in the next few months, so if you can’t work and can’t afford medicine, how do you help people with monkeypox? “We can’t afford time off work, but we need to quarantine,” Rosenthal said. “That’s why declaring a state of emergency here in our cities and states frees up those resources from the federal government and allows cities to do the same outreach, messaging, and how people deal with the situation, just like they did during COVID. They’ve discovered they have lesions, or they’ve been with friends who have the disease.”

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Mayor Eric Adams said his team was still working out the correct declaration for New York City, and told reporters it wasn’t his call.

“[New York City health commissioner] Dr. Vassan, he is still determined. That will set me free and I will be able to do certain things and we will do the same in the city. He will make that decision.

New Yorkers are frustrated by numerous log jams and bureaucracies, including glitches in the city’s vaccine booking website and lack of vaccine supplies from the federal government.

Mr. Rosenthal put pressure on authorities to expedite the lab’s approval and receive more tests.

“Governments at all levels need to show that they are facilitating vaccine production. And we have to provide the resources and help people get through the disease so they can come out alive and well from the other side,” said Rosenthal. rice field.

An additional 80,000 doses have been released for delivery to New York City, but officials say it will take four to six weeks for the shots to arrive and become weapons.

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New York Officials, Advocates Want Stronger Monkeypox Response


Adding vaccines will not reassure people who are already infected.

Dr. Virat Madia is a frontline emergency room doctor in New York City.

Ms Madea told CBS2’s Dick Brennan, “They’re in a lot of pain, and that’s where the emergency department comes first.” It lasts for several weeks, sometimes longer.”

“Some people have 102 fever. They have aches and pains all over their body,” said Jeffrey Garrez, who is recovering from monkeypox.

He says there are so many people who don’t know how to get their hands on an antiviral drug like the experimental TPOXX he was able to get his hands on.

“They go from their primary care physician to walk-in clinics to hospitals. , is not a sustainable system for health care,” Garrez said.

As the Biden administration decides whether to declare a national emergency, outraged critics have likened its response to the HIV epidemic of the 1980s.

“This government pretends to be our friend. This government says they’re LGBTQ allies and they’re waving the rainbow flag, but what the FDA did in the ’80s.” If you’re saying the same thing, you’re not our friend.” Mordechai Levovitz said with the Jewish Queer You.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy is demanding far more vaccines for federal supplies.

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center staff arrived at the clinic on East Ridgewood Avenue in Paramus, New Jersey. Due to very limited supplies, only 100 vaccinations were given and he left 200 in reserve.

People are being warned because the vaccine is slow to roll out.

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“It can be cured, but you need to use common sense,” said Thomas Amitrano, Chief Nursing Officer at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center. “It’s one of those diseases that lives on hard surfaces. It can hide in linen,” he said.

A group of New York-based elected officials are also particularly concerned about monkeypox as 1.1 million college students are returning to campuses and much more has to be done before that happens in the fall. I included in the statement that

Governor Kathy Hochul declares state disaster emergency to combat monkeypox outbreak

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