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Hoboken, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Tri-state area officials are concerned that next week’s Thanksgiving holiday could be a superspreading event.

They say it is everyone’s responsibility to avoid rallies that could spread COVID-19.

Dan and Laura Vimon of Bergen County have officially canceled their plans with their families.

“The curve is going straight, and it’s just dangerous,” Dan told CBS2. “We have older relatives who cannot be visited.”

The New Jersey Department of Health urges families not to take residents out of care facilities during this year’s vacation. In that case, those residents must be quarantined upon return.

Governor Phil Murphy announced a new state limit on Monday, limiting private meetings to a maximum of 10 indoors and 150 outdoors, with the exception of certain religious or political gatherings, weddings and funerals. ..

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“I feel like a lot of people have a short-term view of things, which is why things aren’t getting better,” said Edgewater resident Serena Hong.

During the weekend, daily infections in New Jersey exceeded the peak number of cases since spring. Sure, the testing ability is high now, but the number of hospitalizations is also increasing.

“I think the peak of spring hospitalization was 8,300. Currently, it’s about 1,900, 2,000,” Murphy said on Monday. “So thank God that we are not at those levels, but it will get worse.”

Infection rates in New York are also rising, but hospitalized COVID patients in the state are 89% less than in April.

“Currently, the curve is rising, so I don’t know how many it will be soon,” said Dr. Rajanish Bobde of St. John’s Riverside Hospital.

The weekly infection rate in New York City is 2.77%. This means that the school can remain open for now as it is below the 3% threshold agreed by the mayor and teachers’ union.

“If you want the school to open, but you have to close it temporarily, the goal is a very early turnaround,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “That was what I promised to everyone: parents, the entire school community, teachers and staff. Therefore, as we are working on this new challenge, it is important to be consistent with that promise. I think.”

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Municipal school positive rates are well below the overall average of 0.19% by November 12.

“Why don’t you leave your child at school instead of running around a city that is five times more infected,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said in an interview.

Meanwhile, college students returning to Connecticut for Thanksgiving will encounter new rules.

Students must be quarantined for two weeks immediately before or after returning home, and must undergo one negative test before and after returning to the state.

“You can’t force this. It will have to depend on your good judgment,” said Governor Ned Lamont.

Returning to New Jersey, new restrictions on indoor meetings will come into effect on Tuesday morning, and rules for outdoor meetings will begin on Monday.

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Governor Concerned That Thanksgiving Will Be a Superspreading Event – ​​CBS New York

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