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Google Ads revenue up 13.5%, Microsoft Bing Ads revenue up 15%

Both Google (Alphabet/GOOG) and Microsoft Bing (MSFT) announced earnings last night. Both disappointing, but earnings for both weren’t too bad, and their respective stocks rose after hours. Expanding Google Ads revenue increased about 13.5% and Bing Ads increased about 15%.

  • Google Search advertising revenue increased 13.5% from $35,845 to $40,689 ($1 million)
  • 15% increase in revenue from Microsoft Bing search ads

Last quarter, Google and Microsoft increased search advertising revenue Approximately 22% increase for eachand the quarter before that, both had happened about 32% each.

So Google continues to make insane revenue, but it could slow down.

Google report Search advertising revenue increased nearly 14% year-over-year to $40.69 billion in the second quarter from an estimated $40.15 billion. suggest It is likely to withstand a global recession better than its smaller competitors. His $69.69 billion earnings for Alphabet slowest Sales growth since the second quarter of 2020 has nearly missed estimates of $190 million amid mounting macroeconomic pressures on the advertising miss Estimated revenue for the fourth quarter was $51.87 billion, compared to the forecast of $52.44 billion. Quote Exchange rate changes, plus challenges in the advertising and PC markets.

Nicole from Search Engine Land delved into the details After hearing the earnings call.

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