Global movement calls for urgent action to address the climate crisis

December 12 Climate Ambition Summit: Global Movement Calls for Urgent Action to Address the Climate Crisis

The Cop26 Union, a coalition of organizations calling for urgent action on the climate crisis, criticized the UK Government’s Climate Ambitions Summit on December 12 for failing to scale up to earlier climate issues.

Since the government signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, carbon emissions have been steadily increasing, while the planet is facing an unprecedented wave of climate impact. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, storms and fires have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people.

“The British government is using this summit as an opportunity to be” ambitious “and miss the goal of getting it on track for a warming of 3-5 degrees Celsius, the coalition said. Science is clear: Britain will be sentenced to death for millions of people in 2050, first attacking the poor, working class, and people of color. We now need true transformative action rooted in climate justice. “

The Union urges world leaders to ensure that global temperatures do not rise above 1.5 ° C. This is the threshold that climate scientists say should not be exceeded. Over the next 12 months towards the Glasgow Climate Summit in November 2021, hundreds of organizations will bring people together to take action, reduce emissions and build a fair recovery from the two threats of climate change. I promise to put pressure on you. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears.

The Cop26 Union is part of a growing movement in both the UK and the world that is sending a clear message to the British government and others-those who lack the political will to act You will be held responsible for the crisis that is fueling it.

About the Cop26 Union

The COP26 Union consists of groups and individuals from various members of Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom, including trade unions, direct action networks, climate justice groups, environmental and development NGOs, religious groups, students and young people. It is a civil society union. , Immigration and racial justice networks. @ cop26coalition

Quote sheet

Sonia Guajahara, Executive Coordinator of APIB (Indigenous Peoples’ Union of Brazil) working to protect the rights of indigenous peoples throughout Brazil

We indigenous people make up 5 percent of the world’s population. This means that on average there are 5 million indigenous peoples in the world. This 5% protects 82% of the biodiversity that still exists. Therefore, the government recognizes the Paris Agreement as an urgent need to implement, not just as a treaty, and uses traditional indigenous knowledge as one of the last options to contain and slow down climate change. is needed. Global warming.

Mitzi Jonelle Tan is the organizer of Fridays for Future International and co-founder of the Youth Climate Strike Group in the Philippines.

“I’m afraid to drown in my bedroom. My country is hit by a typhoon after a typhoon, a crisis after a crisis, and how our leaders respond?

“Youth in all nations have seen injustice and oppression over the last five years. We are fed up with broken promises and empty words. We are fed up with agreements that are celebrated but go nowhere. The world leaders are firmly supporting themselves. They demand justice. “

Matt Luck is the General Secretary of the Fire Brigade Union.

“From wildfires in Australia and California to floods in Britain and endless barrages of extreme weather in Global South, it’s the frontline firefighters who deal with the consequences of environmental destruction.

“We need a worker-led transformation that provides communities at the mercy of climate emergencies and funds emergency services to combat the consequences. The dominant disaster capitalists in the UK I can’t trust to save us. We need a socialist green new to deal with the central workers. “

Brandon Wu is Director of Policies and Campaigns for ActionAid USA.

“It’s hard to talk about climate negotiations without mentioning the elephant in the room of the United States, the largest historic pollutant on the planet. The United States seems ready to rejoin the Paris Agreement early next year. But what can we really expect? Is the US moving forward?

“As the pandemic is terribly articulated, the United States is a society that is very allergic to public investment to solve large-scale problems, especially global ones. We are from this terrible reality to the future. We must find a way to make the transition. The United States will radically transform and build a more equitable society, including a complete and equitable share of climate change response. This means significant emission reductions within the Green New Deal style package and significant expansion of international support for developing countries.

Mina Raman is a program director and legal advisor to the Third World Network, an expert in climate change negotiations, and has followed all COPs since 2007.

“Current climate contributions under the Paris Agreement will take us to the world at 3-5 degrees Celsius, especially from a fair share of reducing emissions to a limited extent. Given how far apart, the very low ambitions of developed countries are unacceptable. Carbon balance.

The broken history and ectenia of the rich world’s promises in the fulfillment of climate obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change have hollowed out rallies to celebrate the moment in Paris, yet another that draws wool in the eyes of the people. The smack of the event will ring. The real truth is that not only emission reductions, but also improper adaptation, dealing with the losses and damages of the climate impacts of poor developing countries, and even in actual supply, are significant on the part of rich countries. It was a lack. Climate finance for scale and speed to respond to climate emergencies. “

Tsepora Berman, International Program Director Stand.Chair of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Fossil Fuels with the Earth

“What we now know is that the continued expansion of oil, gas and coal threatens our ability to reach our goals in Paris. The world is now limiting warming to 1.5 ° C. We are on track to produce 120% more fossil fuels than we agree with. It is important to end the expansion of fossil fuels, and the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is to do this quickly, fairly and forever. No city, country or company can stop the expansion of oil, gas and coal on its own, nor can it rely on markets to keep the world safe. “

Mary Church is responsible for the Friends of the Earth Scotland campaign.

“The hosting of COP26 must be about the UK government taking serious climate emergencies, but a recent series of announcements actually shows the government’s role in avoiding the collapse of climate change. It shows that it is more interested in retaining jumboly than it does. By cutting plans towards the new 2030 target and reducing budgets to support the budget, the UK Government has taken steps to combat global climate change. It is well below the fair share.

“What is needed is a robust and adequate funding plan to significantly reduce emissions over the next decade, ensure a fair transition of workers and communities, and at the same time ensure a green recovery from COVID-19. Internationally, rather than reducing foreign aid, the UK government should strengthen its support for countries at the forefront of the climate crisis, which has rarely caused it and is decisive. Should stop funding dirty human rights that destroy foreign fossil fuel projects. “

May Boeve, Executive Director of, said:

“In 2021, it’s time to build a history of fossil fuels by cutting off lifeline money. Instead of funding the big pollutants that destroy our climate, fossil fuel CEOs You need to spend money on solutions that benefit people, not their shareholders. In a world that needs recovery from pandemics in the midst of health and economic emergencies, that money is healthier and more equitable. For jobs, community-managed renewable energy, climate-resistant public transportation and housing, and the most affected communities that must be invested in care and repair.

From now to the next UN climate change rally, we will meet to pressure some of the world’s dirtiest and most powerful banks and governments to stop funding the climate crisis. “

Contact: COP26 Coalition Media

Global movement calls for urgent action to address the climate crisis

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