Giants maintained Ryan Santoso for this Graham Gano scenario

He is a kicker built like a linebacker.

Goodbye this weekend, the Giants may have to rely on Ryan Santoso for field goals, PAT and kick-offs when returning to Bengal on November 29th. In that case, Graham Gano is positive for COVID-19 and is included in the recovery protocol. The Giants do not expect to make a fourth down and a two-point conversion to avoid Santoso.

“Ryan has big legs and has shown a tremendous amount of improvement since he came here,” the judge said. “It’s a unique skill set that he does all three of field goals, kickoffs and punts. He’s also a tough guy mentally. He’s one of my favorites in the driving range.”

The 6’5, 258-pound Santoso used to be with Lions and Titans, but has never attempted a kick in the game. He gets most practitioners on Friday.

“I and he usually make some side bets during the kick. [to] Judge, a longtime special team coordinator, acknowledged the achievements of his adjutants Thomas McGohee and Tom Quinn for developing Santoso.

“When I’m talking a little smack behind him, I think he’s a little better at roping that through the uprights.”

The Giants have prevented another team from signing from the practice team throughout the season in case Santoso gets to this exact location. He was added to the roster of 53 people on Monday.

Ryan Samtoso impresses the Giants
Ryan Samtoso impresses the GiantsGetty Images

“We are very confident in Ryan,” said the judge. “He’s definitely a developing player. I think he’s been doing a big turnaround in this league for a long time.”

Giants attack guard Will Hernandez missed two games earlier this month after a positive COVID-19 test. Can anyone really miss Gano? You should miss at least 10 days if you have symptoms, but you may get back faster if you do two consecutive PCR tests at 24-hour intervals.

“I have the opportunity to do that,” said the judge. “But there are a few other things that go into it. Are there any setbacks in that time frame? When will the doctor get rid of him? There’s a start-up period. To this guy sitting in a hotel room for a few weeks. Must be fair. “

Gano has a field goal of 22 to 21 this season and has just signed an extension until 2023.

“In fantasy football, yeah, plug him in. We can go,” the judge said. “But in reality, are we doing fair to him individually and to the whole team to take someone who isn’t ready to go out and work for two weeks? “

Giants maintained Ryan Santoso for this Graham Gano scenario

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