Giants face another backup QB against Bengals

When the NFL’s best quarterbacks form a murder line, the Giants are primarily facing a line of traffic tickets.

The Bengals will be the latest opponent to look at backup quarterbacks against the Giants. Now that Brandon Allen is reportedly jumping over Ryan Finley in the absence of Joe Burrow, he’s probably launching a second third stringer.

Enough to make the Giants’ Heavy Load favorites for the first time since 2016, but since the turn of the century, shivering to back up quarterbacks from fans who are familiar with headache losses like Team 15. Enough to cause.

“We have three victories. We are confident, but no one is overconfident,” said Safety Logan Ryan. “Backup quarterbacks have won several games against us. All quarterbacks have won games against us earlier in the year.”

Set aside the pre-injury half to future Hall of Fame Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady, and Dak Prescott. Otherwise, the Giants played against Mitch Trubisky, Nick Morens, Jared Goff, Andy Dalton, Kyle Allen, Carson Wentz, and Alex Smith.

Therefore, Brandon Allen, who joined the Bengals in August and was on the practice team two days ago, could be the fifth backup against the Giants in 11 games. Or, if you count the Trubisky who went to the bench immediately after defeating the Giants, it will be the 6th.

Allen is a former sixth round draft choice, 1-2 in his first three career starts at Broncos last season. He is familiar with Zack Taylor’s attack with Rams. This combination isn’t Goff and Sean McBay, but Tyler Boyd-Tee Higgins-AJ Green’s Receiver Trio can pick up some of the quarterback slack.

Brandon Allen will be the latest backup QB to play against the giants of the season
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Taylor didn’t say whether Allen and Finley (3:10 on behalf of Barrow last week) would be the starters.

“You see [Allen’s] Tape, he gives his receiver the opportunity to play on the field, “said Giants coach Joe Judge. “He’s not afraid to throw it into a narrow window, and all these receivers have shown that they are very capable of catching their 50/50. This is an elite. The receiving group. I have to admit that this is one of the best in the league. “

The Giants face two of the NFL’s Top 14 in the transit yard. The same is true for two of the top 14 touchdown passes and the top 14 passer ratings. It is one of the top 14 completion rates.

Perhaps the Giants’ overall defense of 17th, scoring defense of 12th, and passage defense of 24th is actually overkill.

With Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and active MVP Lamar Jackson coming in December, the Giants need to take advantage of the last gift from the quarterback gods to stay in the unlikely playoff race.

Allen brings back memories of the Giants who lost to Cartkitner in 2003 … or Todd Collins in 2007 … or Matt Moore in 2009 … or Vince Young in 2011 … or Drew Stanton in 2014. The scars on Morens, who threw 343 yards in September, are fresh.

One new possible advantage? Giants linebacker coach Bret Bielema was the head coach of Allen’s University for three years at the University of Arkansas.

“I want to know what kind of bubble gum he likes,” Ryan said. “Tell me what kind of trash talk you’re doing that day. I definitely want to know the other person as much as possible. He may tell me how to deal with pressure and adversity. He fights Is it a fighter? “

The Giants devoted pre-scouts to Barrow on Byweek and Finley for the last two days, so they haven’t yet counted the possibility of facing a rotation of the two. But Bielema fills the Allen gap.

“What Brett is talking about is his calmness, calmness and competitiveness,” the judge said. “It’s important to know the man’s mindset from his former head coach.

“Bret really understands why these guys are moving. He explained Brandon as the leader. The guy was caught up in a secret talk and confident in what he was saying. With 10 pairs of eyes, they will go out and play aggressively for him. “

Giants face another backup QB against Bengals

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