Get More From Your Grill: Recipe for Crushing BBQ Ruts

I hate going A vegetarian friend once confessed when he pecked a tasteless burnt zucchini and peppers. This is an obvious retrofit by the host that night. That’s why the grilled avocado made such an impression on me at a recent meal at Le Pavillon in Daniel Boulud, which recently opened in New York City. The soft green fruit had a perfect cross with brown grill marks. Decorated with einkorn wheat and tart goji berries, this dish adds the smoky flavor of harissa spices and burnt kale. This clever combination makes it a satisfying dish for almost any diner, regardless of diet.

Some components of the dish require Mr. Bourd’s excellent culinary knowledge, but Michelin-starred chefs have confessed that preparing avocado-grilled eyeballs is very easy. .. “We need a ripe but firm avocado, which is divided into four wedges,” he said. “Marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper with the skin on. Quickly grill the avocado on each side of the cut and then remove the skin.” Voilà.

An enthusiastic omnivorous animal, he loves going to barbecue and grill seasons in general. But I’m tired of the same meat, fish, and the usual suspicious vegetables. Grilled avocados began to think about other amazing ingredients that could be added to the Cook Out repertoire. It was then that the Twitter thread of Canadian writer Stephanie Cameron jumped out to me. “It seems that I unknowingly rebelled against the boring fluffy deli potato salad,” Cameron wrote a few weeks ago after a brief explosion of his version. The first recipe published in her 2015 electronic cookbook, Late Summer Nights, was charcoal-grilled potatoes, chicory, leeks, leeks, yellow onions, and endive, all dressed with mayonnaise, lemon juice, and mixed herbs. .. “Warm roasted sweet potatoes are a sponge that absorbs lemon and mayonnaise and are perfect for the background of revolving doors with aromas and herbs,” Cameron explained when I contacted her. “Char and smoke bring a great deal of depth and personality, from onion caramel notes to green onion char.”

According to Houston’s Deguust chef Brandon Silva, grilled salads aren’t the only possibility. “There are no rules or boundaries anymore,” he said. “Yes, grilled salad is a great idea.” He developed a grilled cucumber and chicory salad. The brown cucumber adds coolness and crisp counterpoint to the wilted chicory. (See the recipe on the right.) “Chicory can be bitter, so balancing those flavors with the grill will add a bit of sweetness,” he said. Citrus yogurt, trout eggs and mint dressings provide a lively complement. The recipe can be adapted to include other tough salad greens such as romaine lettuce and kale, as well as other cucurbitaceae plants such as pumpkin, melons, honeydew and watermelon.

Blue Jay Bistro’s chef Ashleigh Fleming, located in Littleton, NC, grills watermelons when faced with surplus. “I used them to make gazpacho, compress it, and use it in different approaches to salads,” she said. “At that time, I began to think that baking them would be a good idea. Because of their sugar content, it works. It really amplifies the sweetness.” Soak the chunks in a simple syrup of ginger. After that, she throws them on the grill. She makes a simple fruit salad, shrimp skewers, or puree and freezes in popsicles (as in the recipe on the right), with a clever combination of hot and cold to create a roasted and refreshing flavor.

Get More From Your Grill: Recipe for Crushing BBQ Ruts

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