German Amazon Workers Strike for Black Friday

German Amazon workers are being asked to strike on Black Friday to ensure higher wages and better working conditions.

Trade union Verdi has told workers in seven Amazon warehouses across Germany to strike for three days.

The strike was scheduled to begin on Wednesday night shift.

Germany, which has the second largest market in the Amazon after the United States, has experienced a series of strikes organized by Verdi since 2013, and recently workers have refused to work during Prime Day.

At the time, a spokesman said workers had “excellent” salaries with benefits and working conditions comparable to similar employers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, online retailer CEO Jeff Bezos became very wealthy, but small businesses were unable to compete. The pandemic sent customers away from physical stores and directly to the digital marketplace, spurring Amazon’s enormous profits.

Verdi said this was the main reason to strike and seek better wages, adding that staff were not adequately protected from the virus while workers were struggling in the warehouse.

German Amazon Workers Strike for Black Friday

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