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George Santos: Republican Fabulists Praise ‘Real’ Actors in Oscar Picks | George Santos

with a Republican congressman who was asked about his Oscar predictions Fabulist George Santos said he likes “real” actors.

“I have a favorite actor,” said the New Yorker.

“Then there are actors who I think have charisma. JLo, The Rock. Melissa McCarthy. They’re the real deal.”

but there were none of those nomination for the Academy Awards, which are scheduled for an awards ceremony in Hollywood on Sunday night.

Santos, who operates under a different name, Anthony Devolder, admitted to “embellishing” a resume that was shown to contain false claims about his family, educational background and professional background. It raises questions about the identity of

He has repeatedly stated that he has done nothing illegal. sexual harassment Multiple allegations of financial fraud have been filed by local, state, federal, parliamentary and international level.

he refused call for resignation From Queens and Long Island voters, Congressional Democrats, and his fellow New York Republicans.

Although he has withdrawn from commission work, he maintains the support of Republican leaders, with 15 votes supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

Santos spoke with Oscar about his movie tastes Matthew Foldya reporter who also interviewed him For the audience In an interview published on Sunday pirate wirea site “focused on the intersection of technology, politics and culture”.

The discussion started with “”.slapthe moment Will Smith left the Oscars audience last year to hit host Chris Rock with a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

“Frankly, it was ridiculous,” Santos said. “Chris Rock is a genius.”

Santos said he wouldn’t watch oscar This year, “because they don’t really put boxes in.” [office] He didn’t want to see “flashy people” and “elitist” celebrations like Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron.

The two directors and Steven Spielberg (three nominated for Favermans and one for Cameron’s Avatar: Path of Water) “woke up,” Santos said. .

Santos said he likes comedy and horror movies, adding: But the Oscars don’t have a horror category. Resident Evil, great cinematics. Milla Jovovich is definitely one of my favorite actresses. She is Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett and Gerard Butler. “

Bassett was nominated for Best Supporting Actress this year for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Santos said she should go up for best actress. she is wonderful “

The House of Representatives lamented the Academy’s relative neglect of Leonardo DiCaprio (who won Best Actor for The Revenant in 2016), but was nominated for Best Picture of the Year for Top Gun: Maverick. He criticized producer and star Tom Cruise.

“Tom Cruise has given me ample evidence that I don’t like him for what he thinks about America.[ing] To make her whole life political. “

The professional politician professed to be ignorant of the “political beliefs” of actors such as Bassett, Freeman, Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson. And do you know why that is? Because we want them to be entertained. I am very grateful to these people because they are not activists. “

Of Gibson, Foldy wrote: his views on the Jews …and they are not in favor. “

of Santos claim to be Jewish exposed.Openly gay, he used to be married a woman“As a good old capitalist, I don’t blame them,” though accusing Hollywood of succumbing to Chinese censorship, he told Foldy:

“For me, it becomes a cannibalistic event that I actually enjoy watching.

Santos also worked with Steven Seagal, Putin’s action star Santos said that he once shone in “hyper-action police movies” but was not favored because “instead of giving the police a platform, we want to fund them and burn them down.”

In Comedy, Santos said: Well, I think Kevin Hart survived because he got his pass because he’s a little black man. “

Towards the end of the interview, Foldy said the man whose performance as a politician had gained national attention “became introspective.”

“I’m very narrow-minded about actors these days,” Santos said.

A Santos spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. George Santos: Republican Fabulists Praise ‘Real’ Actors in Oscar Picks | George Santos

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