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George Santos denies reports that he competed as a drag queen in Brazil.George Santos

George Santos On Thursday, he angrily tweeted that he had competed as a drag queen in a Brazilian beauty pageant 15 years ago.

The New Yorker, who says he is gay, dismissed the story as an “obsession” by the media, claiming it without sarcasm.keep making outrageous claims about my life”.

Santos is being asked to resign by Democrats and his fellow New York Republicans Hoaxes about his career and history Also, in reports of investigations at the local, state, and federal levels in the United States and Brazil over the use of stolen checkbooks.

in another contradiction exposed on wednesday A New York Times analysis of immigration records found Santos’ claim that his mother was at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 terrorist attacks was false.

Santos admitted to “embellishing” his resume, but denied any other wrongdoing and said he would not resign.

Allegations that Santos was a drug performer I come from a 58-year-old Brazilian who uses the drug name Eula Rochard. Reuters reported.

Rochard befriended Santos while she was cross-dressing at the first Pride Parade in Niteroi, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, in 2005. Three years later, Santos competed in a drag beauty pageant in Rio.

Another Niteroi, who knew Santos but asked not to be named, said he entered a drag queen beauty pageant under the name Kitara Labache and aspired to be Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro. rice field.

Santos is now a hardline conservative on many social issues, especially those that target the nonbinary community.Republicans are aimed at the drag show Several states also claim the performers are harmful to children.

In Texas, there is a proposal to brand venues that host such shows as “sexually oriented” businesses.

Santos, the first non-gay Republican to win a seat in the House of Representatives as a non-incumbent, has supported the Florida legislature. ‘Don’t Say You’re Gay’ LawIt disparages the LGBTQ+ community and bans discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

In October, in response to criticism of his support for the Florida bill, Santos told USA Today: Be an advocate for LGBTQ+ people. ”

Republican leaders have long supported Santos. He endorsed new speaker Kevin McCarthy through his 15 votes for the office, Seats on two House committees Republicans hold the majority.

But despite McCarthy’s support, a growing number of senior party officials are begging Republican leaders to remove him.They include some of the Santos Fellow New York Senator.

The Daily Beast reported Thursday: “Shadow” Race It was underway in Democratic and Republican circles to replace Santos in New York’s Third District in the hope that he would eventually be kicked out. We are looking for a “candidate with a flawless, bulletproof resume who can cover up a reputation that has been tainted.”

Democrats are looking for someone who can make districts blue again after Santos’ unexpected victory in November.

Of Santos’ alleged drag show exploits, Rochard said that in 2005 the congressman was a “poor” drag queen in a simple black dress, but in 2008 “he has a lot of money.” I came back to Niteroi,” she said, showing off her flashy pink dress. for it.

Rochard said that Santos competed in a drag beauty pageant that year but lost. He has always been a dreamer. ”

Santos’ tweet on Thursday was the second denial in two days regarding allegations about his past.On Wednesday, he got caught up in his allegations Received money from an online fundraiser It is intended to save the lives of sick dogs owned by military veterans.

“While I work for results, the media continues to make outrageous claims about my life,” Santos said. “I’m not going to be distracted or upset by this.”

Thursday, Santos called “I’m reporting that I let my dog ​​die…shocking and insane.”

but a veteran told CNN Santos should “go to hell”.

Richard Ostoff Added If he spoke to Santos now, he would ask: do you have a soul

“He will probably lie about it.” George Santos denies reports that he competed as a drag queen in Brazil.George Santos

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