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George Santos: Democrats Goldman and Torres hand over ethical complaints | George Santos

Two Democratic lawmakers handed in ethics complaints. George SantosNew York Republicans, whose mostly fabricated resumes and questionable campaign finances have attracted constant press scrutiny.

Daniel Goldman, who knocked on the door of Santos’ congressional office on Tuesday, said he liked Santos. Elected last November,type in, Said: “Santos, I have a complaint for you.”

Santos said: “Sure”

The invisible Santos staff said thank you.

Goldman, an adviser to House Democratic Party During the initial impeachment of Donald Trump, he was accompanied by fellow congressman Richie Torres.

their Complaint To the House Ethics Committee, two Democrats called for an investigation into Santos for “failing to file timely, accurate and complete financial disclosure reports as required by law.” .

They also cited “extensive public reporting that Santos misled voters in the district about his ethnicity, religion, education, employment and professional background, as well as Santos’ own confessions.”

Santos win 3rd District of New York .

he admitteddecorationHis resume told reporters on Tuesday that Goldman and Torres are “free to do whatever they want” but aren’t worried because they’re “not doing anything unethical.”

Asked if he had done anything wrong, he replied, “I haven’t.”

Santos Campaign Funds Also Subject to Complaints submitted The Center for Campaign Law (CLC), a nonpartisan oversight agency, in partnership with the Federal Election Commission.

their Complaint, Torres and Goldman called Santos’ financial reports for its 2020 New York failure and 2022 success “sparse and baffling,” adding: ”

CLCMore Complaint questioned the source of Santos’ personal wealth and the adequacy of financing his own campaign.

Torres and Goldman write:

“The commission should investigate the veracity of these allegations and whether Mr. Santos was involved in any wrongdoing.”

Santos entered Congress almost a week late last weekend after endorsing House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy with 15 votes.

Casting one vote, Santos appeared to flash a “white power” sign. claimed Being partly black and of Jewish heritage.

In a rare interview, Santos told the New York Post He said, “Catholic. I said I was ‘Jewish’ because I learned that my maternal family was of Jewish background.”

Santos is Admitted He lied about his educational background. He did not attend Baruch College and New York University. said to have given

he also has claimed A tragic connection to the Pulse nightclub shooting Said The September 11, 2001 attacks on New York “took my mother’s life.” His mother passed away in 2016.

Santos is under investigation by New York authorities. in brazilin the latter case, over the use of stolen checkbooks.

New York’s 3rd District Democrat predecessor called him “con man”.

Goldman and Torres said they were contacted by Republicans who supported the ethics inquiry. Another newly elected New York Republican, Nick LaRota, called for that step.

Tuesday, Politico report that Republicans were discussing what to do with Santos.

Santos told the site he expects to be given the commission’s mandate. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, Chair “I don’t think he should be on the National Security Committee, but that’s for leadership to decide,” said the chairman of the new task force on China.

But Republican leaders haven’t taken any action. Pete Aguilar of California, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said on Tuesday that McCarthy “owns George Santos. to give them the right to vote.”

Torres and Goldman said in their complaint that Santos “failed to maintain the integrity expected of congressmen.” George Santos: Democrats Goldman and Torres hand over ethical complaints | George Santos

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